Monday’s Update

I missed a few days last week due to a very bad back spasm. I normally work through them but this one is hanging on. I am well enough to sit for a few minutes but not long enough for a full post. I have reports that Bakersfield was really good with over 2000 cars in attendance. I am happy for NSRA. They must change their business model that was established in the 70’s to one that meets the audience today.

Frank called and said he found a real treasure in his home town and will be sending in some pictures. The car is a 32 Ford 3 window coupe. You might recall he already has two 5 window coupes in his fleet. Good going Frank.

Jim from Atlanta sent in a picture of his new Deuce sedan and license plate collection. He has quite a collection of 1932 plates, one from each state. Jim likes Deuces and Forties.

I have not been able to work on Andre for a week so no progress reports…lots of dreaming. Have a good week and …

Stay Tooned!



Jim just purchased this nice red sedan which came from LA. He just sold his old one which went to Fresno. Small world.


The license plate collection (1932) is very nice. He has one from each of the states.


Jim also collection Railroad nails. This photo shows the 32 stamped on the end of the nail indicating the year it was installed.


Another Jim has installed a very nice chromed hemi in his roadster. Looks really good to me and something different.


Here are the rules for the give-a-giveway roadster at this year’s LARS. I will win this one for sure…right!


Unfortunately you have to cut the floor in your sedan to fit the A spring over the quickchange. SFSS did a nice job.


Steve has a copy cat on his 40 sedan. These two guys are both really nice people who love 40 Fords. Flames are nice on the sedans…The real McCoy!


I need to get over to HHR and see if he has started on his 3 window. I would like one of these in my garage to start on.


Bob has this very nice roadster for sale and the car is easy to drive. Maybe I can take some pictures with its new top installed.

Today’s sedan…dreaming!


I took Bob to look at the car and he purchased it in 5 minutes. This is a very nice sedan and he lets me drive it.

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