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The past weekend was one of the most memorable times for my and wife in a long time. We attended two premier events in one weekend. Saturday was the Wavecrest Woody show in Encinitas, CA and Sunday was the Outriders Picnic at Lake Irvine. Both shows were complemented with wonderful weather, beautiful cars and lots of nice people enjoying themselves without any stress. The people who stage these events make them very enjoyable for the participants. I want to thank Walt and his wife for dragging us along with them and providing a “Super Woody Wagon” to drive. The car performed flawlessly for the entire trip which was about 650 miles total. Driving on the I-5 for hours upon hours in heavy traffic makes you appreciate a car that does not overheat even with the A/C on. Jane was a happy camper the entire time.

The quality of the cars at the shows was really top notch and each year brings out new examples of someone’s dream. Most have purchased or built their cars over the past years and finally were able to drive them to the show. Both venues are outstanding for the events and offer something for everyone.

Congratulations to the Wavecrest Committee and the Outriders for keeping the flame burning in this old mans heart. I look forward to next years events.

Stay Tooned!


This is a photo of our gang taken from on top of the hill. We had a very scenic spot and could see the whole show from our seats. We walked up the hill to view the over 250 Woody’s in attendance. It was a Super Day for Jane and I.

Next to us was the best of show cars, two Rolls Royce Woodies. I have never seen either of these cars and there was a crowd around these cars all day long.

The boat tail feature was really a piece of work. I can’t imagine what it took to make the body on this one.

The two cars were like this all day long. I finally climbed the hill to take this photo.

One of our crew was Mr. Kelly and his 85 year old father. They followed us down to Encinitas for the day. This little 34 tudor really drew a lot of attention. There were several model 40’s in attendance. Nice ride.

Up the hill was this one off Deuce Woody pickup truck. This was a first class build with a Kugel front suspension and all the trick wood work.

Forty Ford Woodies are really very popular with collectors which drives their price way up. This cream colored 40 has been for sale for a long time and the price keeps coming down but is still in the six figure bracket.

Jane loved this 38 Ford that I think came out of the Nick Alexander collection. An unusual brown color really stood out against the wood. The car was spotless everywhere you looked. Nick can build a Woody better than most.

This was one of my favorite cars of the meet. I have seen this car over the years and it always reminds me of the ads you see for “California Dreaming”.

The dash in this Mercury Woody was really done very nicely. Note special steering wheel design. West Coast Street Rods built this car and it was outstanding.

For you shoebox lovers this maroon baby was about as nice as they come. Late model drive train and full on leather interior really caught my attention. The asking price was $89K. The Woody market is soft or this car would have been over $100k three years ago.

Today’s Deuce …dreaming!

A recent SR feature car was in attendance at the Outriders Picnic. I don’t know who owns it now but the car is full of super neat current build tricks using the old time build techniques such as bones, straps, Corvette Valve covers etc. I really liked the look of the car. The car was really low using a spring behind axle front suspension. I am not sure about the spring mounted to the wishbones but I have seen lots of them being built that way.

The rear view really shows the drastic rake built into the car. The top looked just right on this car which is not an easy task.

More on the Outriders cars tomorrow on Pewsplace.

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