Monday’s Update

The weekend started off very early for Jane and I. We had to meet Walt and his wife and head to Santa Barbara for the Woody show. The weather was overcast but very nice for a trip in a Woody. After a short stop for breakfast, we headed up the coast to Santa Barbara. Upon arrival, we looked around for the entrance and finally Walt figured out we needed to go to the Ocean instead of the College entrance. All went well and we were soon parked on the beautiful grassy lawn overlooking the Pacific ocean. The fog was still present and made for a beautiful cool morning. The women set up camp and out came the morning newspaper for all to enjoy.

Walt and I looked over the cars and talked to a lot of old friends. I would estimate there was around a 100 Woodies in attendance plus some hot rods on the hill. The sun came out and you could not have asked for a more perfect day to relax and look at Woodies. My wife said this will be a very memorable wedding anniversary present and a special thanks goes to Walt and Lorraine who made the day a memorable occasion.

The show lasted until about 3:00 pm and then we headed home. Little did we know what to expect once we reached the freeway. The traffic was stopped and stayed that way for the next 2 1/2 hours. The Woody ran cool (190) and that was a blessing for a hot rod in traffic. The automatic transmission was nice in this traffic. I can’t imagine shifting a manual transmission every 100 feet or so.

We stopped at the new 5 Guys Burger joint for dinner and finally reached our home around 6:30 pm. I have some photos to share with you today of the trip.

Stay Tooned!


The SBCC grounds are lovely with a huge grassy lawn for the cars to park. You can still see the ocean and scenic Santa Barbara coastline from the top of the hill.

We had a great parking spot right by the lunch joint and the cake and ice cream final desert of the day. I could not eat another piece by the time we left the event. A nice touch by the SBWC. Thanks!

The ladies set up camp and started reading the paper while Walt and I looked over the cars. My wife enjoys her paper on the weekend. She made it through the cars by noon.

Walt drove his 47 woody originally built by Fat Jack and later modified by Jim who installed a IFS and rear leaf springs. The car sits very, very low a FJ trademark. British Racing Green is the color that was popular in the 80’s.

Sam had his super “was a tree” Woody along with his “tree house” parked so he could have an ocean view. This is a local car that I see all the time. He goes everywhere in his Woody.

Jim had his shoebox Woody all shined up and rumor has it he arrived by 6:00 AM. Jim is a true hot rod guy and has been a participant and vendor with his CCC products and most events nation wide. Nice guy too!

Woody folks tend to really relax and enjoy themselves at this events. Somehow my Costco chairs seemed a little out of place.

Mark and his wife drove over for a few days in Santa Barbara. This Simard built 37 looks stock but has a mild 283 sbc, 5 speed and a nine inch rear axle. The gaps are perfect and the hood and grille fit are second to none. This is one of my favorite woodies…understated and beautiful.

Steve and his wife sold their 39 at the Nationals and decided to take the Woody to California for a little vacation. Next week is P-Town so they should have a great time on Hot Rod Week in Nor Cal. Their 42 Woody is really a wonderful ride and they drive it the most.

Tailgating is a lot of fun at a Woody event. The grass umbrella’s add to the show a “Surfer Dude” atmosphere.

Today’s Photo…Real life…not dreaming!

Looking at the SB coastline makes you feel good and made my wife and I a perfect 45th Anniversary present.

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