Monday’s Update

I was up early Saturday to prepare the chassis for hauling to its new home. It always a sad day for me to see some of my projects go away but then there is always another one not far away. Bobby and Frank showed up about ten and with the help of my son we were able to load the chassis and jig without much effort. The biggest problem was getting the tie downs to unlock and hooked up to the trailer. The whole process took less than an hour and they were on their way back home. I will miss the project but I now have an empty stall in my garage.

Chuy’s cruise on Saturday night attracted more than 250 cars and it looks like this will be a regular event the first Saturday of each month through December this year. Our family was busy but I plan to make the next one. SV needs a good regular cruise night without the merchant hassle.

The Long Beach swap meet was Sunday as well as the Elks car show so it was a very busy car weekend. I read where Louisville was also well attended with over 10,000 cars. I think that should qualify as a successful event in anyones book. Congratulations to NSRA for continuing to hold these great events.

I am planning a trip to the Pomona shops this week, so…

Stay Tooned!


Bobby and Frank look happy with their new project. Bobby is planning a new Deuce build with the chassis.

The chassis was very well secured for its long journey and I am grateful to Steve for loaning Bobby his trailer.

Heading home…being pulled by a very nice 97 two door Tahoe. I would like to find a nice cherry one like this to drive and pull my cars around.

Here is another clean 40 sedan with an absolute cherry body. The stance is due to mono leaf springs.

The rear of the sedan is about as clean as I have seen lately. The mono leaf really lowers the car but you need a super set of shocks or the ride is very choppy. My old sedan had the same set up and I added QA1 shocks to cure the poor ride quality.

Forty Ford tool boxes are famous for being rusted. Look at this genie and drool. This is one nice sedan.

I don’t think anyone builds a steel five window but looking at this one, it won’t be long before someone tools up and starts producing this great body style. Wescott was going to build a chopped version with roadster quarters, but Dee passed away and the project is on hold.

This one is more my style, ala Sam Davis, I had one similar to this when I graduated from college in 1965. Someday!

Three windows make nice looking hiboys but are a little wider in the front cowl area which makes the doors stand out a little further than a 5 window. I would think Brookville may venture into the 5 window or sedan arena real soon. Is the demand there…I think so…if the price is around $25K.

Jake knows how to build a traditional chassis. The Walden hiboy has a very clean and simple front suspension by Jitney.

You could add a set of these MT Car front Lincoln brakes with water ring and be period correct. George has this set up on his delivery.

Roy likes blue and this phaeton is about as blue as you can get. I love the DuVall windshield and Mercury wheels and caps. Nice build out the Brizio factory.

Today’s Coupe…dreaming!

Three window Larry from the HAMB raised the bar when he built his 3 window hiboy. One off features were everywhere you looked and superb craftsmanship through out the vehcile made it a standout.

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