Monday’s Update

Some of the crew left from California Car Cover on Friday headed for Louisville to attend the NSRA nationals. I have not been to the NSRA nationals since about 1992 and would like to attend at least one more. I go to see old friends and all the vendors. It seems like this event has the most vendors and cars of any event being produced. I can no longer walk all the days but I can sure ride in one of those carts they rent. My hat is off the NSRA organization for thinking of us old guys who can no longer walk all the isles of cars that always show up. Frantic has not missed many of these events so I always get some great stories about the trip out and back.

This week I am still working on the house but I have dedicated some time to Andre. He is getting the doors stripped at the stripper and I am stripping the cowl and firewall. The paint comes off real easy so I am doing a little each night. As usual, my projects have slowed down during the summer and I need to stay focused on one car not three. I am trying real hard to work on the delivery as it is the easiest to accomplish something on. I think it will look real good once the body is stripped and in primer or bare metal.

Frank sent in some pictures of his trip and some garages he visited. I really enjoy the garage pictures and the cars under construction…

Stay Tooned!


Bob O’s truck with new reversed eye stock spring. Way too low with only 6 leafs and reversed eyes. He hit the grille chin 3 times and will need to raise it back up. The mono leaf made this an easy job.

One of the “Office” crew purchased a super 39 sedan at the LARS for a great price. The car sits nice and has all the amenities you would ever require. Maroon in color with a tan interior.

Here is another axle that has broken. Impact unknown but he must have hit something very hard to break and axle.

Frank stopped by Jackie’s shop and had the grand tour while in Prescott. Note neat lounge area adjacent to the shop.

Sometimes all you need is an early Cadillac motor in your 40 coupe. This is how it was when I was young. The cars were never this nice being from Illinois…rusty, rusty and no floor boards. Sheet metal and screws worked magic with a heavy carpet for the winter time.

Five windows are as popular as three windows today and bring almost the same money. I love the hiboy style in a five window.

Jackie has owned this coupe for sometime. He added the neat rear pan.

Here is another garage shot from Prescott. Myron would love this little model 40 with flames and the right altitude.

The RPU was right at home next to the coupe. Some times you just have to build a flathead to remember when.

Today’s pickup…dreaming!

Tim sent in some photos of one of his customers trucks. A high tech beauty with a dropped axle which makes it O.K. in my book. The truck is very nicely done to the owner’s taste and sits really cool.

Rear view of truck showing chevrons in fenders like Bob’s.

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