Monday’s Update

The wife and I headed to San Diego for the weekend and forgot about cars and thought about boats. Both of our children went to college in San Diego and we are real familiar with the beauty of the city. A friend of ours daughter was getting married and we took the opportunity to take a mini vacation. If you have never been to SD you need to visit this city real soon. The weather is almost always perfect and there are lots of things to do. Old car activity is very high and you can attend events every weekend. We enjoyed the marina area and all of the real hot rods…large boats. I don’t know what these people do but I would love to have one of these fifty footers in my slip. I could take my roadster on the bridge for when I arrived at my destination.

My friend George was in Victoria with his Deuce and saw Edelbrock’s large ship anchored in the harbor. There were over a 1000 cars registered and over half were Deuces. Now this is something to see. The H.A.M.B. has lots of pictures. I hope to have some next week when George returns…

Stay Tooned!


Continuing with my hunt for a nice sedan, Tim sent in this one that is paint ready, no rust ever and close to driving.

All of these cars need some body work to be perfect. The premium bondo makes for a super slick finish. Note stock gas filler and tail light hole. Sedan deliveries do not have any holes in the rear fenders.

I love sedan deliveries and this stocker looks good to me. Maroon is popular on 40’s, but black prevails in most cases. Mine will be CMG with maroon wheels and whitewalls.

This was the view from our hotel. Downtown SD shoreline is breathtaking and waits for you to come and enjoy the good life.

Do you remember the days when you could see these on the drag strip. I loved them when they lifted the front wheels.

I don’t think I am going to do this but this is the best way to make room for your fuel pump and power steering pump. Nice work.

Gary has a cool 40 coupe with a modern dash and steering column. Gold is in for the fifties look.

D/G was a great class to watch as a young man. You could actually afford to run a car and still go to college.

Bob Drake makes these but this fellow made his own. Can you imagine the work to duplicate this by hand….WOW!

Today’s Sedan…searching hard!

CMG sedans look really nice to me when styled in this fashion. I prefer maroon wheels or body color but these look nice.

Olds valve covers make you take a second look. Body color looks great in this sedan engine compartment.

Labaron Bonney interior is inexpensive and really looks good in this style car. Note Briarwood color dash. Mine will be the same.

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