Monday’s Update

The weekend started on Friday night with over 300 cars showing up for the “drive your Classic Car day” at Chuy’s Mexican restaurant. I was glad to see so many people participate and it showed the public that the classic car enthusiasts are still very active in the hobby. If we continue to unify we will prevail with the political segment in Sacramento and Washington. I also heard that Columbus was a great show this past weekend and maybe Dave will send me some photos.

I spent the weekend working on my Deuce chassis. I have not touched the chassis in over a year. I had fenders and parts piled fairly high which hid what a nice chassis it really is. I cleaned up the frame and moved it outside to take some photos. When you are 70 you have to realize you don’t have time to finish all your dreams.

I still wish I was headed to Canada this week for the big Deuce show, but I will be happy with pictures. I have a very busy week scheduled looking at cars for people who have lost their spouses and want to know the value of their old Fords. I know none of us think about going to the big rod run in the sky but we all should have a document showing the current values of our treasures. I keep an updated account in my computer and on a disc. The wife also has names of my friends to call in the event of my departure. Most women think the cars are worth more than they actually are. This is because men seem to spend a lot on their toys. In general, project cars are very hard to sell for what we have invested. Completed cars are very easy to sell if priced in the current market demand. As you have heard me say many times…”a good car will always bring the money and a bad car is always a bad car”. The wife really doesn’t know the difference unless you write down the value.

I am off to look at a 40 coupe so…

Stay Tooned!


I know this hiboy is headed to Canada today. Have a great time and drive carefully.

I think the trip would be much more comfortable in this little 40 coupe. I think it would need a SBC to make it all the way to the Canadian border. Don’t forget your passport.

This one is for sale without an interior. You could throw in some Mexican blankets and keep warm while driving up the coast.

RPU’s are gaining in popularity. Jerry had this one on display at the LARS this year. I would like to ride in this one. Kugel suspension front and rear.

I pulled the chassis out in the back where no one can see it and shot some photos. The chassis is just tacked together at this time. I was going to have the Limeworks finish it for me.

Chris is almost there but will not make it to Canada. He is getting the car ready for his open house at Bonneville. This is one of the best profile sedans out there. Great job Chris!

I am going to look at one of these little coupes tomorrow. The car has been in the family since new. I never was a 36 fan but they look neat when lowered.

Today’s V8 60…dreaming!

If you have never seen one of this little motors they are amazing. They used these motors in a lot of boats over the years.

This is the V8 60’s big brother. Nice looking engine, Steve.

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