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I hope all of you enjoyed time with your family celebrating Mother’s Day. We enjoyed being with our family in the Bay Area and also taking in Brizio’s 30th and final Shop Party. I arrived early, enduring the fog, drizzle and traffic which is always present  during the morning hours. Driving over the beautiful Bay Bridge is always a thrill to me even with the heavy fog the city was breathtaking. I knew I had to arrive early as parking is always a premium at this event. Today, I was lucky and found a location nearby. I know many cars were staged on Friday and therefore, I could start my touring of the back lot which is where the roadsters gather. Roy has built over 300 cars during his time in business and many of them show up for his Shop Party.

I was especially interested in seeing any new builds as I have seen most of the cars many times during my visits to this prestigious event. I soon spotted a crowd around one particular roadster which happened to be Darryl’s new roadster — built by Cory in MI and painted by Darryl. I have featured this car during construction and during the LSRU but had never seen it in person. The car is “understated elegance” with an unusual color and matching interior by Sids. The car stands out for the quality, choice of components used and overall attention to detail. Terri told me they spent considerable time selecting the color and I assured her they made an excellent choice in my mind. I finished the tour of the back lot and headed toward the shop area.

Roy always has the shop in immaculate shape spending several days in identifying the cars owners and placing some feature cars in his final assembly area. Being an engineer, I love the in-process stage of building hot rods. He has lots to offer for those of us who appreciate the craftsmanship that his employees use during construction. One particular chassis was without body and allowed full view of the engineering that goes into these special cars. Just as I started to take some photos, the lights went out and ended interior photographs for most of us. It seems a transformer blew and was not repaired until late in the afternoon. You could still view all of his current projects but the photos were not possible with my little point and shoot. I next moved out the front of the building and looked at a myriad of hot rods and woodies. Yes, the word was out and enthusiast turned out in mass to attend the final Brizio Shop Party.

The annual hot dog and bean luncheon was enjoyed by several hundred people and the garlic bread was scrumptious. I toured some more until my feet grew weary and decided I needed to head to my daughters home in Pacifica. I would like to thank “Team Brizio” for their efforts in making the final event one to remember.

I will be home on Wednesday and should be back on schedule for a few more months.

Have a wonderful day and remember Father’s Day is next and that means the Los Angeles Roadster Show. It doesn’t get any better than this.

Stay Tooned!



See the roadsters from the top of the building. Click on the video for viewing.


This is the back lot by about 8:00 AM. I spend most of my time back here.


Phil drove up in the rain to enjoy the show. I love the top on this roadster — hand formed by Terry.


Darryl’s roadster was finally free of lookers so I was able take a decent photo of this super hot rod.


The dash has a 3 – window glove box affect on each side plus the SW panel.


The interior is plush with a cloth insert for something a little different.


In a sea of Deuces this Model – A looked good and something a little different.


The lights were still on early so I was able to take a few photos of the cars in progress.


He seems to be building more and more of these Speed 33’s. He uses the dropped axle front suspension which I prefer.


How about a 47 Woody with and Ardun overhead conversion and three deuces for something a little different!


Roy is building a 5-window for one of his customers and is using this baby hemi for power.


Roy installs a lot of Winters QC’s in his builds. I saw both cross spring and coil over versions being used.


This chassis was built using the CE center X-member which is a style I like versus his normal round tubing. The exhaust system was a very nice piece of work as was the whole chassis.


I am a big fan of the JHRS Kinmont brake system. Roy is a dealer for JHRS Perfection Parts. The axle is a Magnum 5 inch dropped version.


For a gourmet hot dog and bean lunch the line was long — but worth the wait.


This was a true race car built by Roy. The sound kept the crowds attention when parking alongside the building.


A full roll cage complete with left over salt set the tone for the crowd.


Hiding behind the building was a very nice 5-window with Dove Gray paint with red upholstery.


Not all cars in attendance are Deuces (just most of them) and this 56 Ford BBW was perfection in paint and detail.


My friend’s old 40 coupe was looking good with a new interior and Eastwood chassis.


Hiding back in the corner was a very nice 57 post with my favorite paint scheme and crossed flags.


A standout 55 rag was parked in the entrance to Roy’s . The car had mile deep black paint with perfect gaps and panels.


A BBC was under the hood and looked like it came that way from Chevy.


Tom’s old 40 rag was still looking good after nearly 20 years of use on the street.

My choice of the litter!


Greg’s Speed 33 was in great shape after being on the road for a couple of years. He had installed a back cushion which I could use in mine.


I think this would help my aching back on long trips.


Front frame horns that protect that expensive grille are required on model – 40’s.


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