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The fall has a lot of hot rod activity in Southern Cal. Saturday was the Monrovia car show and Sunday was the Belmont Shores and Harbor Run to name a few. The weather was excellent being a little overcast by the ocean but all in all it was a great weekend for hot rods. Sandy sent in some photos from Monrovia where over 300 cars showed up. I took more photos at the Harbor run and really enjoyed the day. Both shows were very well attended by cars and spectators. The after Labor Day shows are always fun for me as many of the old timers bring out the really traditional hot rods.

Coming up is Wavecrest on Saturday and the Outriders Picnic on Sunday both are well attended shows in SO-CAL. Jane and I plan to attend both shows. We will probably stay in the Beach area on Saturday night as we used to live in Laguna Niguel for many years and have lots of friends to visit. The drive the next day will be very short for us.

I had to order the front wishbone splitting kit for Andre so I have been working on cleaning up the wishbones for paint. I am so impressed with Bob’s parts that I will paint mine rather than powdercoat…

Stay Tooned!


Here is Bob’s chassis with the Kugel front suspension. This system was installed by Warren at Precision Street rods who is a perfectionist and a true artist when it comes to fabrication.

The car has a Jaguar rear suspension that Warren also installed with special hubs he fabricated. I know I am a traditionalist but Bob likes the modern stuff and thats O.K. by me. ( I am working on wishbones?)

Note the high gloss and smooth surface on the GM 400 transmission. This will connect to an LT1 early 010 block.

If you wonder why it cost so much to have a car built here is just a few of the parts that had to be prepped and painted gloss black. Oh, they chromed the parts first or polished and then detailed for installation with artist paint.

A perfect five window resto rod showed up in Monrovia and Sandy loved it with its apple green wheels and black paint. Her three window was the same scheme. This color combination was really big in the 70’s and 80’s. I love the look.

You don’t see many forties being painted red like in the 80’s but this one looked nice. This one was built this one a long time ago.

This stocker just needs a hot rodder to add a dropped axle and a hot flathead to be perfect. Maybe a set of curved spoke Kelsey’s would be nice.

Bob was chatting with Mark Twain but couldn’t quite hear what he was saying. I think he was telling Bob that car prices are coming down and he had better sell his 39 Woody soon.

A famous trio was on hand to greet everyone in Monrovia. These guys are the best.

Tomorrow I will show you some of the top cars from this beautiful venue.

Here is an example of a nice old time five window from Bakersfield. The question of the day, is this car chopped? See the answer tomorrow.

Today’s 39…dreaming!

I know this is not a hot rod but maybe it is due to my age I really like stock 39 converts. I would add a dropped axle and be done with this one. I can’t cut them up when they are this nice.

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