Monday’s Turkey

The holiday season is here and the family becomes my number one priority. We are leaving for the Bay area to be with our children and grandchild for the week. I hope all of you are able to spend some time with your family and friends to share in all we have to be thankful for. Road travel will be crowed so drive careful as I want all of you back next week. I plan to stop and see some of my hot rod friends and will take some photos of their projects. This will be the only blog for this week.



Happy thanksgiving




I would love to have this 40 woody to drive to San Francisco this year. I saw this car this year at the LARS.

No spare tire on the rear cleans up the back end and keeps the stress off the wood center support.

The stock front seat is upholstered in the original design and the lower frame is metal, not wood. These are unique to the woody.

The second seat is also a one only item even though Glide has a nice reproduction for the early woodies.

Most of the third seats were removed to provide the much need room for hauling items. The seats are not real comfortable but look correct for the restorer. Some people remove the second seat and leave the third seat in place. You have a large storage area that is real accessible with that arrangement.

If you want to leave your woody stock you can gain some horsepower by adding some heads and carbs to your flathead. Looks nice to me.

Here is another 40 woody with a great looking flatty and a Columbia rear axle.

Our Canadian friends are also building hot rods in their garage. This real Henry is being put together in grand style and is apart for painting.

The body looks to be a real ‘cherry” to start with. Note X member from CE and boxed rails.

The stance on this 3 window is perfect and I love the stock height top. How about the rear spreader bar and tail lights?

Thanksgiving Special!

Another un-chopped Deuce that looks killer. Built by Bruce’s Rod Shop in TX.

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