Monday’s Troubles

I am normally a very positive man with a good outlook on life and Hot Rods but the weekend proved to be otherwise. It all started with the Cable company and the flat screens with idiot boxes connected to each one (7) so my wife can tape every show she likes. She never watches them but likes to record them. We have had numerous house calls and each technician finds something different problem that should have been detected by the previous person… You know the story. We finally have them repaired and working. I was now ready to take Pepe out for our Sunday  drive and some morning Joe. I performed my normal turn on the switch and push the starter button to start the car but nothing happened. My first thought was the ignition switch (40 Ford style) was not working but after trying it again, the power was up and running for the accessories. I then thought the starter button (40 Ford style) was the culprit but I could not see under the dash for all the clutter that is installed behind it. I was now getting somewhat upset with Pepe and thought about what if this would have happened last week on our trip. I called several friends, put a story on the HAMB and decided to wait until Monday to solve the problem.

I know Hot Rods have problems and need constant attention but I really don’t like dealing with the process. I can no longer crawl under dashes or cars and diagnose the problem. I study the situation and make a decision to call Frantic or someone who will fix it for me. If the car won’t start and you are broke down on I-5 you will be required to call AAA and have a flat bed truck haul you back home or to the nearest facility that could work on the car. I have no faith in repair stations on the road so I need to learn how to fix everything that could go wrong and take a mechanic with me. If you follow this blog, then you know I have had starting problems with my other cars so this is nothing new. Let’s see, the battery is in a box under the passenger fender, the computer for the EFI is in another box under the driver’s fender and the fuse panel is where no human could ever fit his large body under the dash. I know complaining is not the answer but being an engineer, I was taught to place components were they could be easily serviced. Have you looked under the hood of a new car?(They are worse.)

I will be able to solve this problem but their will always be another one. Are we having fun yet?

You have a wonderful trouble free week and …

Stay Tooned!


Tim and his wife were proud of their 40 coupe as it was selected for an award (1 0f 10) at Hot August Nights last weekend. Congratulations to both of them.

Here is the photo of the pre-hole drilling. Dave could see where the patches were welded in and simply cut them back out. Nice job Dave!

Dave at Frantic’s did a great job of cutting the holes for the front bumper brackets. The paint was not damaged and I should be able to get the bumper installed when I can move the car out of the garage.

I repainted the brackets and have the shields ready to put back on the irons. Jim Hendricks made the covers.

Here is a photo of the covers that hide the bumper brackets. I like the look, a little custom, but nice.

The wire on the right is the connection to the starter button. Jane crawled under the dash and said it was still connected so I am guessing it is the button. #$@?

You can see the starter button on the left but it has tabs that prevent it from coming back out. The valence panel below the dash (I don’t like) prevents reaching up and pushing it back out to test. You also can’t get and alligator clip on the back to do a test for 12 volts or 0 when button is pressed.

If you have ever had your bolt on steering arms come loose then you know that this is the only way to prevent that from happening.

John, in Canada, was the winner of a Pewsplace prize for identifying the Lyon steel whitewall I showed last week. I had never seen one before.

Billy had his line up in the back lot last week. He likes model 40’s and Deuces. Don’t we all.

Monday’s Deuce! Easy to work on.

The battery is in the trunk as there are no fenders to hide it under. The car is high enough so you can see under it. Do these break down? Ask John about fans and radiators. So goes the life of a Hot Rodder.

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  1. Lynn–I’m with John–suspect n/s switch is the issue-is it on the column or the trans? Call me and maybe I can help. THX for the pic of our old 40 coupe on your site. Folkstone coupe is near completion as well.

  2. The Neutral Switch is all ways the problem on my 39 after a long run it get’s hot and sticks open. If you would like, I will teach you how to trouble shoot with a DVM and the proper schematic from PainLess or who ever your wiring system came from. I carry a jumper wire in the glove box to jumper the starter solenoid for and emergence fix on the road.

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