Monday’s Trip Review

The fog was so thick you could cut it with a knife as I drove down the famous Rt 1 along the Pacific ocean. I was running late and was not real familiar with the route my daughter had mapped out for me. I was lucky and arrived at Roy’s about 9:30 am. The shop party was in full swing with parking spots long gone from the wee hours of the morning. I managed to find a parking spot about 4 blocks away. I loaded up my camera and headed to the happenings. I had to judge my time as I had to be back to my daughters house by 1:00 pm. There is a lot to see at Roy’s. The outside parking lots provide great photo opportunities and the inside provides some under construction shots which is my favorite place to spend my time. Roy’s team does some amazing work that I will share with you during the week.

I ran into lots of old friends, followers of Pewsplace and met some new people that offered some suggestions of what they would like to see on my site. It is hard to take great photos with the crowds and people standing around the cars. I used two batteries waiting for some of the crowds to clear. I ran into Roy and talked to him for some time about some of his projects. He normally has 25 or so projects in process at one time and does a stellar job of keeping them on schedule. (No small task) I continued to walk the outside area and look at the cars and swap meet area. I was looking for the 36 wishbones. They were none available by time I arrived so I will find some in LA this week. I had my hot dog lunch, punched in my pin drop directions on my phone and headed back to the beach.

The weekend with the family was lots of fun and I wish we could see them more often. Mother’s Day is always special for our family and we continue to celebrate the day with a trip to the “City by the Bay”.

Stay Tooned!


If you like Deuce roadsters Roy’s back lot is the place to see all you want. This is just a portion of the roadsters that were in attendance. They had to turn away the late arrivals.

You see a lot of red roadsters but this one was several notches above your basic Deuce. Details were evident everyplace your eye traveled. A very nice roadster.

Gary had his sedan at Roy’s. The new wires look good on the BRG tudor.

Vic’s new UP 5 window was looking good. Vic is celebrating his 75th anniversary and had Roy build him this clean hiboy coupe.

The front of the shop always is full of cars that attract my attention. The clean all black theme of this 33 five window coupe really looked sinister.

This red oxide 5 window looked great with the early 50’s theme. The Bay Area is full of Deuce lovers. Right George!

Roy was putting the final touches on this blue 3 window coupe. Roy installs a lot of IFS (Heidts) on his builds. Remember…Old Guys need a Smooth ride.

The trend I see happening is the use of stock Deuce chassis for the nostalgic looking ride. Flatheads (some with Ardun heads), Olds, Caddy, and a few LS series engines on repo bodies like the Speed 33.

Here is an example of the LS series engine in a Speed 33 with a solid front axle and hairpins. Rich has one of these stashed away for a future build.

On the left you can see the Ardun equipped engine in Scott’s 32 three window.

Roy’s engine room is filled with various powerplants for his projects. He normally has a few Ford motors but I didn’t see any this time except for the Flathead.

 Weekend Favorite!

I really fell in love with the CMG roadster. I would have never thought to paint a roadster my favorite 40 color but this one looked fabulous. Now, if I could just fit in one!

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