Monday’s Thoughts

I have been under the weather with an infection, but plan to get better soon. Thanks for all of your kind words about the site. The fires are devastating in Southern California and I hope all of you are safe.

The car season is over this year for most of us so it is time to build something. The economy is sure a mess and consumers are not spending but you can still make some cheap modifications to your ride. Spend time in your garage and you will be happy.

Someone sent me a menu from Woolworth Drug Store that brings back memories of the 50’s. Do you remember Woolworths? Hopefully the next generation will not say that about GM.

Stay Tooned!



Woolworth counter menu from the 50’s. I used to live right next door to one of these in the 50’s. The food was great and always lots of girls. Prices were cheap compared to todays menu


Pete’s very nice black 46 convert with a Sid’s interior. I love this car…Tommy the Greek striping and all.


Nice profile Hot Rod. I don’t know if he finished it but he sure had a great Rolling Bones look sedan. Dennis Varni has the best one.



34 Hiboy from a few years ago. He is from South Dakota and drives out here every year.

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