Monday’s Thanks!

Happy Thanksgiving 



Charlie has a way with words and is always right on target with his choice for the occasion. I wish all of you a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family and friends. We all have a lot to be thankful for so share the moment with all of those you love.

I will be enjoying the day trying to restrain myself from eating too much or watching too much football but then again, I may go overboard on both vices. I will be back with you on Monday, December 2.

Stay Tooned!


You either love or hate the 37 truck grille on the model 40. Jake had the memorable one and I always liked the look.

This one is done right and I really like the look as it screams old school with a modern touch. This car used to be in the LA area but I think it has been sold.

I first saw Jakes coupe in Columbus in the 70’s and fell in love. I had never seen the 37 grille on a 34 previously.

I am still a fan of the stock 33 grille as shown above. I like this one just like it is. Where is my model 40 chassis?

Wilson Welding has been selling these for many years and I still like the look. The deep drop arms from  SO-CAL make the swap easy. You do need to grind the fins a tad to make them fit. I used Buick drums on mine but I would use the Lincoln drums next time.

These beautiful photos are the work of Tom who was at the GG’s in Scottsdale (see the HAMB). I would like to see this one close up. Lots of neat items peeking out everywhere.

I had several comments on the 40 convert project so here are some more photos of what you need to do to restore the floor correctly. Note braces.

The rotisserie makes the job easy. Steve, this is how you replace your floor pans with the Bradley ones. The body must be braced to do this or you will be sorry when you hang the doors.

I showed this one during my LARS coverage but it is worth showing again. We need more of these classic builds featuring the 29 on Deuce rails. Photos by Tom.

Tom also captured this fantastic looking engine compartment and drilled frame rails. Besides the looks will they out perform a SBC? I love the looks.

Turkey Day Roadster Ride to the Beach!

Keith built this one a few years ago and I lost tract of the car… clean, simple and nicely done. Are 34 wishbones hard to come by?

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