Monday’s Tech day this week

That’s right, I am moving Tech day to Monday to provide me time to record progress on the roadster during the week. I will record and post on Monday morning instead of Friday when I am supposed to be working. That’s my story am I am sticking to it.

The quick change assembly is coming along nicely and it is ready to be assembled by Ron’s Rearends. I have painted the housings and fit them to the side plates to make the job easier. I hope top have some of the differentials available for sale in the next few weeks. Halibrand Champ cases are very reasonable to purchase and are on ebay all the time for $200 – $300.

The side plates are real hard to find so I am working with a machine shop to determine how much it would cost to make up 5 sets out of aluminum rather than casting them. The early Ford housing are also somewhat hard to find, but Fordbarn request turned up several sets from $75 – $400….quite a range. More information next Monday.

Here is what I have so far.


Here is the side plate and housing ready for center section


65 Buick backing plate and Buick finned drums on the rear


Tubular crossmember for quick change clearance


Detail of front suspension, powder coated black, Wilson Welding backing plates, Buick Drums


Front spreader bar with holes in boxing plates


Dash detail showing steel added for steering column mount and cowl rigidity

Sneak Peek


Picture taken by Chuck at the open house in Washington

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