Monday’s Surf City

Jane and I headed down to Hunting Beach bright and early on Saturday morning to meet the gang at the HB Cruiser Meet. The fog was heavy all the way down the coast but that didn’t deter us from reaching our destination. We arrived early and the place was packed with Woodies and Hot Rods as well as other beach type vehicles. We were lucky and found a place to park in our family car as Pepe’s back door is in paint jail. We thought Walt would be on the Beach side with the Woodies but they oversold and he had to park on the main drag which turned out to be right next to our lunch spot — BJ’S. I took off by myself and shot a lot of photos as well as looked at hundreds of Hot Rods. In fact, I didn’t make it back to our parking spot until almost noon. I hadn’t been to this event in several years but will make it a point not to miss any in the future. Yes, the Woodies are in full bloom this season and we are off to a marvelous start.

Huntington Beach is known as the Surfing capital of the World and the miles of white sandy beaches certainly attracted my family when we moved here in 1984. We lived south in Laguna Beach but often drove up the coast to watch the surfers and later to watch our own kids surf. I tried it a time or two, but the “wipe outs”on the bottom of the ocean floor soon made me a believer — leave it to my kids. The town was run down when we arrived, but over the years has been revived to a first class city with huge tourist attractions for the World of Surfing events held each year. Shopping is a natural for the ladies and restaurants are plentiful — all good. Hot Rods, Woodies and all types of cars are welcome in Huntington Beach as well as cruising PCH. Car guys and gals love the sand between their toes, the sun shining down on their skin and the blue Pacific making it truly a place to do some California Dreaming….No Bad Days!!!

Stay Tooned!



The program was very done and was helpful in looking at the ads and sponsors plus a little history of the event.


Jack’s is the largest Surf Shop in the World and Main Street was loaded with cars of all types which was appropriate.


Duke’s is a famous hangout for Beach folks and located on the Pier side of PCH. The 40 Woody was a nice lead exhibit for the start of the Woody display.


C&G also had the other side of the Pier display with their booth, a Woody and Sedan Delivery. Nice people.


The Beach side was filled to capacity with Woodies and other Beach cruisers including a few Deuces.


The fog didn’t clear until noon but the crowds didn’t mind.


A 37 Ford was selected by Walt for the Chris Messano award. A truly beautiful woody and well deserving.


Not often sceen is the Mercury woody. This one was perfect and ready for the Beach.


There were several 40’s in the group but this one was very conservative but yet, a full Hot Rod.


A rare 58 Corvette was in attendance and it was pristine everywhere you looked. Love the color and it was owned by a lovely lady.


A perfect pair were these two — a 46 Woody and the Deuce roadster with the Ardun Heads.


A Toyota engineer built this Deuce and stuffed it full with a blown Chrysler. (Dave West style.)


The 46 Ford is a popular model with many Woody lovers. This one was stock and very nice.


I like Cordoba Tan 36 Cabriolets for their beauty with the top down. The Orange center caps added just the right touch.


A stock 37 Ford Cabriolet was a high point restoration. Remember the Gibbons models that sold so well.


Always a sweetheart is the 1939 Ford Cabriolet. This was a Hot Rod and looking good.


A primo Deuce 3-window done in black was another favorite of mine. He is a member of the LAR’s Coupes. Larry built this one many years ago.

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