Monday’s Surf and Summer

The holiday weekend was full of car activities for those who choose to drive their cars rather than sit in a lawn chair with their duster and the — “Please do not Touch” signs. Yes, driving in this beautiful state of ours is what makes many of us appreciate our Hot Rods. The season is in full bloom and the weather has been great for the roadsters. We are blessed with so many neat venues that are within reach of most folks in a couple of hours. The Pacific and the beaches are always big attractions for the Hot Rodder’s and well as beach lovers. I even took Pepe out for drive and some photos. I hope all of you drove your Hot Rods along with celebrating Memorial Day.

Enjoy each day as much as you can — because tomorrow is unknown at this time.

We are into June next with the giant LARS taking place. I hope to see many of you at the show.

Stay Tooned!


Click on the photos for a larger view.



Rich attended the Donut Derelicts  and fell in love with this 36 roadster.


The interior was plush with a nice modified dash panel with a SO-CAL insert.


The rumble seat stayed and the smooth clean lines were enhanced by perfect bodywork and paint.


Another 36 roadster with a different look was looking good this weekend. You can compare steel wheels with mags and make your choice or have two sets.


Our own Thom Taylor is in Indy on assignment for Hot Rod. He put a few laps this 1955 Bardahl Special. Tough assignment Thom!


Michael and Darryl (Bay Area Roadsters) were having fun in their roadsters during their annual get together with The California Roadsters in SLO.


Michael and Debra stopped for a little wine tasting. Deuces just look right in the vineyards.


At least gas is reasonable for these travelers.


Frank was out cruising in his new 34 all steel roadster. He has them all.


He and Jill even stopped on his way to Malibu for a snack.

nhrp2016 007

Neal’s Run in the same area had some old style cars that we love like this model-a hiboy.

nhrp2016 013

Steve, who took the photos, was standing next to Hot Rod’s Director of Photography for 40 years, Bob D’Olivo. Bob is a regular and is 89 years old.

nhrp2016 009

I know Steve took this photo for me. The 34 roadster looks to be the real deal.

nhrp2016 008

A neat little model-a RPU was looking good parked along the roadway.


I ventured up to the Reagan Library for some photos but the place was sold out, no parking in the lot. I am high up on the hill going up to the Reagan.

32 Ford Commerical 017

Dave was up in the mountains above Malibu for his shoot for a PBS Special entitled “Surf and Summer” which will be aired in August.

32 Ford Commerical 012

The narrator is Mel Torme’s daughter, Daisy.

32 Ford Commerical 006

When finished, he had this terrible drive home down PCH. Tough life Dave!


Graeme thinks the owner should leave it as is.


  Another photo of the Deuce Tourer as they call them in Australia.

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