Monday’s Super Bowl Update

Green Bay won the big one, the Black Eye Peas performed an outstanding half time show and Super Bowl LXV was one of the better ones in recent years.  The weather was in the 70’s so California Dreaming was possible all weekend.

Friday was a beautiful day so I decided to wax Ruby in the shade of my garage.  The day went by fast and I moved to the front driveway when I heard Bob O honking at the front gate.  He had driven his 40 coupe over for my wife Jane to see.  Just as he pulled in the driveway, Terry drove by in his sedan delivery and we all of sudden had a scene from and early Rod and Custom magazine cover.  I sometimes have problems with the homeowners but with these beautiful cars in the driveway I soon had a yard full of people admiring the cars.  After some serious bench racing, I closed up shop and retired for the evening in my exercise arm chair in front of the TV.  Dreaming starting immediately and it was soon saturday morning.  Some days are just plain good days.

As we grow older, we often lose some of our hot rod community for various reasons.  I am very sad to report, that a long time fixture in the LA culture, Lynn “Shorty” Williams, passed away last week.  I had talked to him on Monday and Bob O and I were planning to go see him this week.  If you knew, CW Moss, (Lynn Williams) and his antics you would be hard pressed to find a more knowledgeable guy who knew where every old Ford was located in the West.  He also knew what deals were going down and was involed in most of them.  He will be missed and I offer my condolences to his family.  Lynn, I know you will be doing a deal soon and be sure to look up Joe and Lois and finish that 33 roadster.

I am off this morning to the welding store to finish my rebuild of my IdealArc HF.

Stay Tooned!


Here is a recent photo of Lynn with one of his many cars.  He loved 33 Fords and was in the process of building a new SAR roadster hiboy.  SAR had the body in their booth at the GNRS.  Lynn was 65 years old.

Alan is almost finished with my old 48 convertible.  The mild chop really improves these cars and I can’t wait to see the interior.  I found him the 46 trim to install in this 48 model which he likes better.

Just a typical friday afternoon at Pewsplace…Andre didn’t know what to do with all those painted cars in his driveway.

Terry has owned this car for 12 years and has updated the entire car several times.  He is a racer so he installed and Edelbrock signature SBC with 460 hp.

Bob O’s 40 coupe looked good in the driveway.  Rudy was jealous but will get over it.

Folks, this is a stock 40 coupe with a dropped axle and 15 inch Firestones.  Do you need any more?

My first sedan delivery was 1934 and this one shows the roll down window feature.  I plan to have this feature in Andre, which someone had installed years ago.  This is a great idea for a delivery.

Here is my first car.  My father purchased this 1953 Chevy for me and we built this “Moonglow” inspired car over a period of 18 months.  This photo is at one of the many car shows I attended.  I always won a first place trophy.  The car had a 283/270 hp SBC with a 4 speed transmission.

Fast forward to 1985, this is my garage in Laugna Niguel.  I had three 32 Fords in the garage and one along side of the house.  The neighbors never did complain….well maybe sometimes, but I would give them a deal on a new GMC.

Today’s Ride….dreaming!

I have not seen this roadster in quite a while.  This is the real deal and still has mechanical brakes.  The owner looks like Clarke Gable.

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