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I hope all of you had a wonderful Easter and watched the kids hunt for the eggs. My wife and I took Ruby for a nice drive over to Malibu and enjoyed the beautiful Pacific ocean views. There is something about driving the coast highway in a woody that makes you feel good. I suppose you get the same feeling in any hot rod but a woody is special. Thanks Walt for your generosity and I hope your knee is back better than ever.

I worked very little on the delivery as the yard was calling for some much needed work the gardener missed. Jane is the yard person I just haul the stuff to the trash cans. Today, I again went to IMS and purchased the last two legs for the dolly. I finished with the project about 4:00 pm and installed the rear portion under the car. So far, so good and tomorrow I should be able to roll the car outside. I spent way too much time on the project but it came out nice and I can now move forward with the bodywork and blasting.

Bob-O and I our still hunting for a 39 Ford convertible sedan project and have a couple of leads from my readers. Thanks for your response.

I learned that the NSRA Appreciation Day usually held at the California Car Cover facility will not be held this year at CCC’s website. I will miss the event and Jim’s hospitality. On the other hand, B&E in Chatsworth, will be hosting their 4th annual open house this Sunday, April 15. If you live in the valley this is a nice show and they serve great taco’s.

Stay Tooned!


I love the Carson top on the 37 tub. Chip needs to get going on his cherry stocker. I love the 39 convertible sedans.

If you prefer the closed cars then how about a 4 door 34 that SO-CAL recently completed. Not much support in the B-pillars without the seat attached.

I prefer the 4 door Deuce in a classic hiboy style like Deheras’s. A Corvette FI engine fits this build perfect.

Someone asked how the Moal heater looks in a Deuce roadster. Here is a sample for you to view. They put out the heat according to Tom.

If you are running a stock 40 rear end and want tube shocks these will do the trick. Ford offered them in late 47 and were standard on all 48 Fords. The photo is for the unique nuts that I ran across on ebay last night. Bob-O needed the bolts which are hard to find but these will work better. You do not need to remove the drums to install just the nuts and then screw these new units on the existing axle bolts.

Clark Hot Rods is offering these slick cast master cylinder mounting bracket which feature a modern 2 bolt pattern.

Here is a young John Fletcher sitting in Neal’s car prior to it being purchased by Bruce. He talked about this car for many years and in those days I really didn’t like the car. How times change.

I have shown this car many time before but I am headed to Santa Barbara tomorrow and would like to stop by and see it close up. I hope the fellow who owns it lets me know where he is located. Thanks!

Louie Mayall (Joe’s son) stopped by Toppers last week to show us his new sedan he got from his sister. Our gang hobbled out to take a look at this very nice tudor.

Here is the finished “Dolly” for Andrea. The unit is fully adjustable in all directions so I can use it all on my new 39 convertible sedan project also. Bob-O will need this one as he has his model-A on his dolly. Bobby, notice how I raised this one up a little higher.

Today’s Favorite!

The Kennedy Boys built this one a few years ago from a body they took in on trade. John has it now but I don’t know the current status as he just purchased the body. This is all I need for my daily driver and this is my High School Hot Rod for sure.


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    You can purchase the units from Steve Moal’s shop in Oakland, CA. He has a website called Moals. Google moals in Oakland.

  3. hello sir could someone tell me where I might be able to buy a heater like the one in the roadster in the picture called a moal

  4. Those “slick cast master cylinder brackets” are manufactured by Chassis Engineering to fit the special angle of their “wide mouth” X member. They are not a bolt in for a stock Ford frame. As a kit, they solve many problems when installing a late engine and trans in an early chassis.

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