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Facebook provides instant live coverage of events all over the world. I know some of you don’t want to use FB but you are missing out on photos of some great Hot Rods at events, garages and cruise nights. Today, I will provide some photos of these Hot Rods as taken from FB posts. You need not provide any information that you don’t want to disclose, just your name will do it.

The weekend was full of activities, such as the 150 Reliability Run in Northern California, The Bay Area Roadsters outing, Goodguy’s Columbus, and the Banger Meet in Santa Margarita, California. All of these activities were posted on FB for me to enjoy. Thanks to all of you who take time to let fellow enthusiasts enjoy the Hot Rods. There are some real professionals who take photos at the events and also are Hot Rodders. You can usually tell the professionals photos but not always. Taking time to wait for the right exposure requires patience which I don’t possess but appreciate when I see other’s photos. The background or setting also is a consideration when taking photos. I know many photographers who request the owner to drive his Hot Rod to a designated place for a photo shoot. Others just wait for the people to clear, the sun to move and capture the moment. I like this technique.

In conclusion, take some time to join in the Social Media movement and see if you won’t become hooked on Hot Rods.

We are headed to beautiful Solvang this week with the Back Road Boys and the Central Coast Roadsters.

Try living life to the fullest and stop worrying about tomorrow.”

Stay Tooned!



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Louie Mayall, from NSRA, captured the Banger meet and put his wonderful photos in an album for us to enjoy.


This 29 was running out his Banger to see how fast it would go.


The Banger’s can make HP and look great also. Nice photo Louie!


A Great Deuce was watching the activities from the sidelines.


I have never seen this many T-Buckets in one place. Must be the T-Bucket Nationals.


A local show produced a nice photo of this 33 hiboy roadster with a Hemi.


Travis captured this photo at Goodguy’s from the overhead Tram.


Terri took some great photos of her husbands AMBR while on the run. They drive the car which is what they are for.


Sherm is another professional who has been taking photos for a long time and sharing them on FB.


The setting is very important for a great photo like this one.


Heading to Columbus is this Fat Girl with a lowered stance. Looks like a HRG build.


A favorite artist of mine, Thom Taylor, created this master piece for the Frog Follies.


Another Columbus beauty is this Speed 33 body with a metal top.


From the JJ is an update of this Hwy 99 project.


Gary, at Cornhuskers, has another Deuce project he is completing. He keeps turning them out in his busy shop in Nebraska.

flames 2

John sent in his newest flames on his 40 coupe. I love those flames on 40’s!


I am a big fan of the 34 Ford sedan with the rest-rod look.


No detail has been overlooked in the build. He is a master builder.


Congratulations to Larry and his wife for this prestigious award at Goodguy’s in Columbus.


Larry has a string of award winners under his belt starting way back in the 70’s.


Parking in the Red Zone is O.K. for Red Deuces — Right Michael!


Moises owns some righteous Hot Rods and takes some great photos.

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