Monday’s Selection

The neighborhood had an Ice Cream Social this afternoon and the wife and I attended to meet some of our new arrivals. It seems houses are selling at a rapid pace in our area just as some Hot Rods are. I did meet some new gear-heads who have seen me go through a plethora of cars over the past few years. I am always amazed at how many car guys are around and yet don’t own a Hot Rod. I asked a couple of them why they didn’t own any and was surprised by their answer. It seems they have lost the fire in the belly and have moved on to more sedate sports like golf or fishing. I hope that doesn’t happen to me as I was never very accomplished at either one. I did invite one of the new neighbors to come down this week and see Pepe along with some projects I am working on. I guess if you don’t posses the knowledge and have the tools and skills to build a Hot Rod you would just have to settle for the completed unit. I don’t see anything wrong with that as that is exactly what I did with Pepe. I am still keeping the fire burning by working on some sub-assemblies for my friends and helping out on several of my buddies projects. Perhaps I can entice the new arrivals to join me and who knows I may find them a Hot Rod to purchase.

My friends reported today at coffee that both the premier racing events were successful and great speeds were attained by the participants. The fire is still burning in Mr. Winfield’s belly as he was driving his car at El Mirage and he is in his 80’s. Way to go Gene! I will be watching for some photos from some of you of the past weekend events.

I am doing yard work this week so garage time is on the back burner for a day or two. (Dreaming only!)

Please take time to personally thank those who have served for us on this Veterans Day!

Stay Tooned!


The 36 Ford sedan delivery makes a nice ride and offers something a little different. This flathead powered delivery is looking good with the correct stance and whitewall tires.

Real Hot Rods in CO has this beauty on the market for those of you who want the best. Custom Auto does some great work in their shop.


At the Pinnacle of Boyd’s career he and CSR built my old coupe into a stunning show winner and it is now back in LA. I may get a ride in the car soon.

Walden can build you a perfect 5 window from one of UPI bodies. This was their entry at SEMA 13. We may get out there this week.

Since 5 windows are the latest trend in Deuces, how about a real deal hiboy being put together in a local garage.

Roy built this post for a customer and if I moved into later vehicles this would be the year I prefer of the of the Tri-five Chevrolets. Americans are required for me on this car.

To me, there is nothing that can compare to the stock Del-Ray interior. The standard floor shift was the only thing to have in these cars in my day. Do you remember looking in the window and seeing the Hurst shifter poking up through the floor and wondering what was under the hood?

This is my favorite stage of building a Hot Rod. Stand back, take a look and pat yourself on the back. Lobeck would have loved this one.

Don like Deuces and built this one a few years ago. He brought it to the 75th at the Petersen…. SO-CAL chassis, flathead motor with tuck and roll interior spells class to me.

Ryan now has the standard front sheet metal installed on Jim’s 40 Woody. He has more tricks planned for the front end so Stay Tooned.

A classy lady like this would never ride around with her top down. I love this stock looking beauty out for a nice day at the Falls.

Today’s Choice!

We have roadster weather here today so this early dark green Deuce hiboy would make me happy for my trip to the “Office”.

We still have the best place on earth to live and thanks to all of the men and woman who have served time for our country.

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