Monday’s Deuce Sedans

The teardown is going slow as I can only do so much in a day. I finally have all the bolts out of the manifold and head including the difficult distributor bolt removal. It seems the Inglese manifold with the stacks makes access from the top impossible. I ended up removing the passenger side valve cover so I could sneak a box end wrench in and remove the nut on the stud. I hope to finish up the removal of the distributor  and pull the manifold and head today. I have carefully marked all the removed parts and should not have any problems on the re-install. So far I have only found a bent pushrod on the #7 piston exhaust valve. I have never experienced this failure so I don’t know what else was damaged until I have the head removed. I am hoping for just a blown head gasket.

Since Pepe will be down for an extended period I will not be going to many of the remaining events this year. I plan to go to the TROG this weekend but that will be in my regular car. The holidays are for family and friends which are important to me this time of year. I hope to have Pepe back on the road before Thanksgiving, but if I don’t, then it will be 2017 before I have everything fixed including the rear door. I have the door off the car for a third time and hopefully the last time. Hot Rods require lots of attention to keep them in top running condition. I should real be real familiar with the EFI by the time I finish.

Today, I am featuring Deuce sedans which have long been another favorite of mine. They seem to be preferred by many of us today who need a little protection on our long journeys.

I would like to recognize those who attended the Ron Hickman COL in St. Louis this past weekend. Holly will always have the Hot Rod Community to fall back on if she needs any assistance.

Stay Tooned!



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I’m sure Ron is working on a new Hot Rod so he can join all of those who have left us for a different phase of their life.


Henry set the bar real high for sedans when he built his trend setting hiboy a few years ago.


Henry has been known to have a heavy right foot!

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Roy builds some stunning sedans like this beauty shown above. All the right parts including a Q/C.


Fenders and large diameter wheels are also popular today.


I like the style of this one with fenders and whitewalls.


Four doors are in vogue today and many are under construction.


Reed’s Rides can put the touch on your sedan and make it a “Killer Sedan.”


Boyd built this beauty with the kicked up front frame and it was a trend setting in the 80’s. Dave is keeping it alive and looking good in the Bay Area.


Fenders and stock height tops seems to be the most popular style for the sedan.


You can add whitewalls and wires and give it the 70’s look.


My friend Jim in Atlanta owned this one for a period of time and it is now back in CA. I love this sedan’s color.


You can even chop a four door and make it look great.


Leave off the fenders and just drive it for your daily driver.


I am a fan of the Buick/Wilson Welding backing plates and the P&J combination shock/headlight mounts.


As you know, I love the building process and love to see what projects people are working on. The Hot Rod look is my preference but not the cowl steering.


My late friend Larry built this sedan over a period of time in his high school shop class.


His son took over and finished the car using only the best components.


The Winters QC was noisy at first but was made quieter with the new gears from Winters.


As we age, we tend to become partial to our Hot Rods.


He likes taking the wife for a nice ride in the country on a fall day.


I like the Ionia chassis for the Deuce sedan. A five window isn’t bad either.


A deep BRG sedan with Halibrands is very hard to beat for all around beauty in a Hot Rod.


I love the hiboy sedans like this with the chopped top and bias tires.

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