Monday’s Sedans and Others

You all know that I am a roadster guy at heart but understand there are other desirable models to build as Hot Rods. My second choice is the sedan. I have been pushing you to consider the mor-door Deuce as it offers a reasonable entry fee, provides some stylish looks and stands out in the crowd. I don’t know why but the ones I have been involved with here on the coast have been relatively rust and dent free. I suppose because Hot Rodders would not consider a mor-door in the early years. Old iron is becoming almost impossible to acquire so now is the time to try something different.

NSRA Bakersfield is this weekend and always provides a fun day looking at cars and meeting old friends. They usually have around 2000 + cars which is more than I can look at in a day. The Host Hotel is the place to be in Thursday night and Friday morning. You can see them all. I am still on the injured list so probably won’t be doing much traveling this week.

Stay Tooned!



Another Deuce mor-door going together on the HAMB and is looking good in green.


Here is what he started with — a nice solid original. There are lots of doors and windows to cut when chopping a mor-door.

2015-04-18 11.06.23_zpstv2bpabx

I am a fan of IC in Phoenix and the original design parts they manufacturer. This Hurst type mount really looks good and relates to the past.


Scott is cleaning his mor-door, Brizio built, Washington Blue beauty for some serious show and shine activity.


Terry likes the mor-door also as shown by this example he recently acquired and turned into a roadster.


He also builds some nice tudor sedans for a cruise to the Salt.


Slicing the top a few inches really changes the attitude of the old sedan. Split bones and chrome wheels was what it was all about in the 50’s — 60’s.


You don’t need to be fancy to have some fun in your Hot Rod. Take this chopped patina sedan with finished chassis and “as found” body.


Here is another classic sedan with a Buick and chopped top.


Trucks are popular and while limited in interior room, really have a classic style all of their own.

The True Hot Rodder


My long time friend, Dave and his wife, drive their Tub all over the country as shown in this photo at Monarch Pass. The old girl just keeps on rolling down the road…300,000 + miles. Formally owned by Neal East.

Monday’s Model 40


You gotta let me have one roadster. Chris has built this one into a favorite of mine and many other.

 For Sale

1936 Ford Roadster-Goodguys 013

This classic 36 roadster has just come on the market and would be perfect for summer cruising. The car was restored then updated by Posie to make it a reacher by adding a hopped up flatty and some cruising gears in the 40 rear end.

1936 Ford Roadster-Goodguys 014

The engine compartment is flawless and really looks clean. This car goes down the road in comfort and style.

1936 Ford Roadster-Goodguys 011

The interior looks comfy and ready to hit the road with the top up or down. If you have an interest call Jerry @253-653-5050. The price is $75K




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