Monday’s Sedan Dream

Since I have declared May sedan month, I thought I would dedicate this week to locating and building a Deuce tudor sedan. I am a student of a full detail build sheet prior to starting the project. I find that having a plan not only keeps you on track but keeps the project within the established budget. (GM training) This will be a no frills hiboy with a budget of $25K for a finished car. I know this sounds cheap but let’s see if it is possible in today’s economy. Here is the specification build sheet:

  • Deuce Hiboy Sedan
  • SBC – 700r4
  • 57 Ford SW rear axle 36 bones, 40 spring
  • Dropped Deuce axle with 40 bones
  • Lincoln Brakes front, 57 Ford rear
  • S-10 Bench seat/swap meet buckets
  • SO-CAL dash insert
  • 40 Ford column with shifter
  • 16 inch wheels and skinny tires
  • Red Oxide primer, owner applied
  • Upholster panels from Lb

A simple straight forward Hot Rod with nothing extra. Remember your high school build ( a junk yard special). The body and chassis are first on the list and I have a couple located so I will use the pricing from them. I will keep you posted on the budget of each part of the project (Hot Rod Style). This hypothetical build is being done from actual parts that I know are for sale in the area or I have in inventory. Most of us have enough stashed parts to complete some type of car. Some sedans come with a usable chassis and some don’t. I will only consider bodies with a good chassis and VIN. Paperwork would be nice but not required. You will be amazed at the responses you will receive from ads placed on JJ, Fordbarn and Craigslist. Most of the good leads come from local responses. The budget for a body and chassis will be a maximum of $12,000. Lets get started!

Stay Tooned!


Deuce  Sedan Bodies


This one is available and you can drive it home legally for a bargain price. The body is a little rough but savable. Current registration is a big plus on this project.

Here is another one for sale on Craigslist for $12,000. No chassis included.

This one is a little rougher but priced right and includes most parts. WA area as I recall. Sedans are not scarce but the price and condition must be considered in our project Deuce hiboy.

When you look at bodies from back east be sure to consider the metal work replacement panels in your deal. Wheelwells are expensive to replace when the lip is rusted away as shown above.

Deuce Chassis

If you want to build the early look you can use the IC X-legs and make your own inset boxing plates as shown above.

You will need to modify the K-member for the larger transmission housing. I am hoping to retain this K-member is our project as this is what I remember from my first garage built chassis.

Here is another simple approach to setting up the rear. The 40 rear cross member has been flattened. This is an inexpensive set up and will be considered. Pull out axles with 9 inch side gears in the housing.

P&J ladder bars have been the standard for rear end set ups since the 70’s and prior by builders duplicating Henry’s triangle design.

This is a fabricated K-member for a GM350 transmission. Note the location of the K has been moved to the rear.

Today’s Choice Deuce Chassis!

Lots of work in this IRS chassis but the old look with modern day technology is my cup of tea.

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