Monday’s Search for Phaetons

I guess I am a true Hot Rodder, as I love to find projects that seem to surface out of nowhere. Conversations at the “Office”— newspaper advertisements and computer sites, such as Fordbarn, often times lead to a project that you have longed for. I am usually a day late and a dollar short but I still like to hear about them. Greg, a Chevrolet dealer in Wisconsin, picked up a very desirable Deuce Phaeton body that should prove to be a worthwhile build. Considering the small number of American phaetons both Standard and Deluxe that were built ( 2491 ) — locating one is indeed a victory for the Deuce lover. In my working days, traveling all over the world, I would search newspaper ads wherever I was, in hopes of finding that special car. I did locate several over the years and drug them home. I think for me, the hunt is my favorite part of the journey. The story that goes with the hunt is one that you can tell forever and enhancing the facts a little can really make for good a conversation. I located a Deuce 3-window in WI that seemed to be a good find. The owner lived in some remote city that was under snow at the time I found it. My wife and I travelled with trailer to pick up the car which was snowed in a huge farm barn on the outskirts of town. I didn’t think we could drive in the truck and trailer into the farm without having it plowed. My genius wife suggested we go to the local bar and see if we could hire a snowplow. That’s exactly what we did and soon we were on our way with our new Deuce.

I am sure many of you can relate to these stories with happy endings as well as some that weren’t so happy. I once found a small advertisement in Hemmings for a Deuce 5-window that sounded great. It was located too far away to drive and inspect, so I flew out to see the car, only to find out it was grossly over advertised. The seller couldn’t understand why I would spend the money to fly and inspect the car and then not purchase it. Money well spent in my mind as buying junk is never worth the investment unless it is really inexpensive. I have made some mistakes in purchasing cars but learned from them and tried not to make them again. Just as in life — we make mistakes, learn from them and continue on with the journey seeking our dreams. I still continue to search advertisements for cars that I would love to own.  How about you?

Stay Tooned!


1932 Ford Phaetons



Greg stopped by Steadfast, Henry Richards, to show him his score. The doors are in the cab. This guided my thought process to Phaetons.


I hunted my project for a couple of years and ended up with this dream project a tudor Phaeton.

32 Phaeton 033

The American production Phaetons are the ones I like the best.

New '32 project

The Australian models have wood inner structures in the doors but are great also.


I feel in love with Dick’s Australian Phaeton that was featured in the May 1966 Car Craft magazine build series.


I believe this is the second Phaeton that pushed me over the top and became my dream Deuce. Rodger always had the eye for tops. I think this was in MN at the NSRA event. Chopped on this one makes a statement “Hot Rod!” My son loved this car and Rodger let him set in it.


Early Hot Rodders loved the Phaeton also. Heavy chopped windshield would be a tough driver without lowering the seat.


The Australian models are alive and well and being made into Hot Rods.

32 Phaeton side

Here in the US some project Phaetons are also going together.


Jim has made his Phaeton a nice hiboy and cleaned it up for his personal driver.

MVC-001S (16)

Another one in the works and looks like a Wescott body. I wonder if they still make those.?

photo (1)

I think this one is going together in Ohio. Another Wescott body that should make a dream Phaeton.

shop stuff 024

Gary completed his Phaeton in 1984 and it still looks brand new. Love the color and wire wheels.


Bob Drake used to own this Phaeton and the current owner drove it on the PRC reliability run.


Add the fenders for that”Regal” look.


These guys love the drive down to the LARS in June. Why Go By Garage!


Skip has a very nice Phaeton which was featured in TRJ. Two tone paint is the look of the 70’s. All Deuces had black fenders.


Today’s top Phaeton for me is Paul’s masterpiece. Here is the final attempt at the AMBR trophy. I voted for him.


He first built it as a hiboy and entered it in the AMBR show.


The stock height Phaetons seem to be the most popular style.


I also like the hiboy style with the laid back windshield.

1933-4 Ford Phaetons


I also love the model 40 Phaetons like this 33 jewel.

nojoqui falla 2013 015

Fat Jack can make a 33 look like they should look—Very Classy!

4th of July 2013 008

Gerry also loves the Phaeton as shown by his stock model.


Mike has his favorite driver for the Back Road Boys trips.


A tonneau adds some class to the top down look of the Phaeton.


I like to find them in this condition sitting a waiting for the next step in my garage.


Finding an Australian model doesn’t seem to be difficult. Skirt between body and running boards. Strip between doors and hinges. Tom Walsh built this one for his wife.


If you can afford it, this project looks ready to roll with some TLC.


The Resto-Rod look is most popular on the Phaetons.

Pueblo NSRA 264

My high school buddy, Dave, drives his 1934 Phaeton everywhere. Purchased from Neal East in 1975.


Black seems to be my favorite color for the Phaeton and the 33 has always been my preferred model.


Jim chased his dream, found it, built it and is enjoying the ride in his black beauty. Chopped 2″.


Roy built Bruce a 1933 Black Beauty with a chopped top. I think it enhances the profile of the long 112″ wb.

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