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The Easter weekend was enjoyable celebrating our faith with family and friends. Our family has celebrated Easter for as long as I can remember. Hunting Easter eggs in the house and yard has always brought smiles to our faces and love in our hearts. I hope you enjoyed your holiday.

I did manage to work a little on the two cars doing some long needed repairs and upgrades. The radiator hose replacement is still not complete as none of the hoses I purchased seemed to work without cutting and rotating the bottom to fit the outlet. Part of the problem is my alternator mounting bracket has been lowered to provide room for the EFI 8-stack. The belt wants to cut into the hose so I will try making one.

Today, I will bring you some roadsters that are the love of my life. I started getting the roadster fever with Lobeck’s beautiful maroon hiboy which he debuted in the seventies. Many clones were built including my version in the late 70’s. He was a master at building the “Ohio Look’ in his creations. Barry was a colorful individual with lots of talent in building cars with the Hot Rod look. His influence is still present in cars being built today. He left us too soon!

We have two major events this weekend. NSRA’s Nationals in Bakersfield and Doheny Wood are considered to be events on our schedule. Jane and I attend both each year and have enjoyed them. The Woodie show is one of the best and right on the beach in beautiful Dana Point, California. Both events attract lots of cars and spectators which makes them enjoyable.

Our first 2019 Back Road Boys trip for 2019 will be the following weekend with a trip to the historic Rock Inn. We have a smaller group than normal due to several members moving. It will be more cozy at this famous landmark.

Have a wonderful week!

Stay Tooned!


From Pat Ganahl’s book comes this nice 34 hobo roadster. Early version of race roadsters.
I took this at this years TROG showing the same style with a highly detailed example.
Moal builds some beautiful one-off roadsters like shown here.

My taste in roadsters over the years has changed. Circa 1977 and 1990.
My early Lobeck style chassis was built in my garage. Boyd built my later taste in chassis design which I still have today.
Jackie Howerton built this creation and Bill Lindig finished it with SO-CAL’s help.
I built a 33 roadster because of the look I wanted and the roominess of the cockpit.
I used my favorite rear axle and  wire wheels.
The 37 grille is not often seen but looks good to some.
Roys’s Shop Party always has the best roadsters on display.
A favorite of mine is Jim’s perfect 34.
Looking back, Joe Nitti build a show stopper that was also fast.
I always like this Wescott body version but don’t know what happened to the car.
Wescott buit several model 40’s that ended up as hiboys.
The Patina look has come and gone but I love to see them in this state.
The Boyd era got my attention also. This Wescott creation caused quite an interest in model 40’s.
SO-CAL employee built this show stopper which is still going today.
Keith built this real deal using a Ford engine. Baby Blue is the color.
The pre-war look is popular with many today.
At my age, I love this look for a hiboy roadster.
This famous roadster was fully restored by the Stirneman brothers.

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