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The 66th Grand National Roadster Show is finally here and 17 roadsters will be in contention for America’s Most Beautiful Roadster award. The dedication of the owners and builders who pursue this award are sometimes years in the planning stages prior to the actual showing. Needless to say, these show cars require not only artistic and fabrication talent, but cubic money and 1000’s of hours to complete. Many are literally completed hours before being on display to the public. Whether this type of car appeals to you is a subject of many who frown on indoor car shows in general, but for me, I have always enjoyed the GNRS due to my passion for roadsters. The recent winners have been very conservative by past standards and that’s also to my liking. Traditional looking roadsters have been very popular in the past several years and the judging seems to have picked up on the trend. Winners usually have extensive details, overall tractional style and very aesthetically pleasing to the eye. I have seen a couple of the cars that are being entered and I like what I see. If you are in town, take time to come out to the Pomona Fairplex and take in a wonderful display of roadsters and all kinds of hot rods and customs.

In addition to the cars, I enjoy looking at the vendors offerings and seeing old friends. It seems no matter how old you think you are, you always relive your youth at the GNRS. If you are an old die hard like me, you find the seeing the bright lights, shiny paint jobs and sparkling chrome engines refreshes your memory of your early days of hot rodding. Chopped Mercury’s, Forty coupes and convertibles, the Suede Place and 9 buildings full of cars will not only give you tired feet but a wonderful memory that will last forever. The flame continues to burn.

I am off to my 50th SAE Fraternity reunion and will return next Monday after the show. I hope I recognize most of them.

Have a extra special good time this week.

Stay Tooned!


Here is a look at the normal line on Friday morning of the show. Come a little later and avoid the long lines.


Pinkees normally has a custom roadster in their display which features their custom metal and creative talents.


Wes always has a winner in his builds. This was last years winner – a rare Chevrolet Phaeton. Big name builders seem to always win the award.


I enjoy the early style builds like this one. Simple but “right on the money” style wise.


A nice track roadster from a few years ago was another crowd pleaser.


Roy normally has a winner in his stable also. The famous “Ala Kart” owned by John Mumford, was a thrill for me to see. Having grown up with this show car and seeing it again brought some fresh adrenaline to my body.


Some builds reflect the owner’s taste and here is an example of Dynamat’s  Deuce. Again, there is something for everyone at the GNRS.

GNRS 2014 084

Not in contention, but a winner in my mind, was this 36 roadster from last year’s show.


HOP UP is back so maybe there will be a new roadster in the booth. Mark’s is one of the best.


SO-CAL will have some nice cars in building 4. They build very traditional cars with a modern touch.


I really like cars like Pat’s that reflect the past perfectly. Joe would be proud of his efforts.


The outside parking usually has some nice roadsters also. This is roadster that is driven and belongs in my garage.


I love this photo and need to build my grandson a roadster of his own. A little too much caster but you get the picture.


Just in time –  the back door is now repaired and painted. Thanks to Bob-O and Scott for a quick turn – a – round. Shiny is what I like in a black car.  When shrinkage is evident I will rebuff. I need to re-install the door interior upholstery when I get him back from the show.

Sneak Peek

Picture 259

Here is a sneak peek at one of the contenders for this years GNRS. Subtle but very detailed and classy.

Picture 216

Details are everywhere with one-off items in every corner. Air cleaner, shroud and grille shell are all custom.


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