Monday’s Riding on Air

We had a picture perfect weekend in LA. The sun and the ocean breeze made working outside a pure pleasure. I spent both days working on Andre’s chassis. I need to stay focused so I attacked the rear brake drums and backing plates. I need to take them to the blaster today and have them ready to paint. I also finished the motor mounts and they came out nice. All in all is was a very relaxing weekend at Pewsplace.

I did not attend any car events but I will go to the TO show on the 4th. Filmore also had a huge show but the crowds make me want to stay home. I hope all of you find something to do on the 4th of July that makes you happy and provides relaxation. GM always shut down for the first two weeks of July for model change over and I loved to jump in my hot rod and travel around town. We are in the height of the season so enjoy it.

I have spent some time under Curvy and looked over the AccuAir shock system. The chassis is a Chubby chassis which is very nice and well built with 4 air shocks installed. They are controlled by an air compressor and a sensors installed in each shock. The system is based on maintaing the height of each corner as established in the control module. In other words, it will adjust depending on the load (similar to new cars). The ride is very smooth even over the freeway bridges and seams. I was impressed with the overall ride of the system. We used Firestone air bags on our trucks and motor homes and they really improved the ride. The difference between the air shocks (bags) and coil overs is their adjustability feature. You can change the ride with the touch of a bottom without leaving your seat. I am still and axle guy but I am very happy to have the opportunity to drive one of these cars with the AccuAir ride system. I would not need to raise or lower it as seen at many car shows. I would set it at a safe ride height and shut off the system. If you have an interest in this system check out their website…


Stay Tooned!



Yes, I am in love with the 40 Woody this week. Head to the beach and Hang Ten Dude!

I made the mounts a bolt in unit in case I would like to add a Hemi someday like Lou did.

I now need to locate that 327 for Andre. I am going to inspect one today. I should have the chassis on the ground this week.

John likes customs and this one qualifies as a real beauty. I bet John in Windsor likes this one also. Maybe I will do a full fendered model after I finish the delivery and woody. I will be too old to drive.

Dave spotted this custom 36 at this year’s LARS. It looks like Jack’s too me. Is this a tail dragger? Sure is.

Pinkee likes Hemis and this roadster was fresh out of his Colorado shop. Note thin rails ( a Pinkee exclusive). The wheels are interesting also.

Here is a photo of the AccuAir shock installed on the rear. This is a very clean system and fully adjustable.

The fronts are much larger and ride against the frame when in this position but clear at ride height.

All the controls are at your fingertips hidden in the center console. How about those very comfortable leather bucket seats which are also power operated? Walt has a super nice ride going down the highway. Ruby was jealous.

Today’s Stock 1940 Ford Interior!

Here is a 47K mile 1940 Ford interior. The door panels look original but the seat must have had seat covers or have been recovered. The dash and woodgraining are as Ford produced them as is the logo glass in all the windows. The seat belts are a nice touch for the driving events. No need to change anything on this one.

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