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The 51st Los Angeles Roadster is in the books and with almost 1000 roadsters in attendance and super hot days, made it a memorable event. Bob-O and I started off early on Friday in order to avoid the traffic but were stopped early on, along with other roadsters, in major traffic congestion on the 210. Both of our cars started to reach the 200 degree mark so we finally got off the freeway and worked our way back to Pomona through the back roads. The trip took twice as long as normal but we finally made to the fairgrounds after stopping at the The Early Ford Store to see Bill and Mike. Friday and Saturday were extremely hot days in Pomona and I was stranded on the side of the road after my car overheated in traffic. I will install an electric fan to hopefully solve this problem. Due to the heat, I decided to attend the SO-CAL Open House and pass some time until it cooled down and the traffic subsided a little.

SO-CAL is always packed with lots of cars and people and this year was no different. I was lucky and found a parking spot right in front of the building. I wanted to let the car cool down so I was in no hurry to rush through the spacious shop. I was walking by some nice cars and suddenly I heard my name being called — Phil wanted to introduce me to some fellow enthusiasts from Peoria, IL, my home town. It was certainly a pleasure to meet some of these fellows and talk about my birth place as well as Caterpillar where my folks worked. Thanks Phil for stopping me and introducing each of them. I have great memories of my youth in that area and always enjoy people who are from the same place I was born.

I want to thank all of you who stopped me and introduced yourself as viewers of Pewsplace. I try hard to ” keep the flame burning” in my old age and I am always grateful for all the accolades I receive from each of you. Greg from New Zealand and Dave from Australia it was good to see you this year. Someday my wife and I are going to make it down under — not in the winter time.

The show was somewhat different this year with the largest swap meet area I can remember. Lots of walking for this old man but I paced myself and drank gallons of water. Deuces dominated the roadster show and I saw various variations as described in last week’s blog. I think people are attracted to them because of the huge aftermarket that makes purchasing parts easy. Looking at rusty high priced parts in the swap meet area and looking at brand new parts in the vendors display that are ready to go, makes it and easy decision to build a Deuce. I stopped by SAR as they had a model 40 body and chassis for sale. They informed me that had just received a shipment of 50 roadster assemblies which was great news to those of us who prefer the model 40. I need a job!

I spent two wonderful days at the show and would like to thank the LAR club for again holding the best roadster show in the world. I would also like to thank Warren at Precision Street Rods for the complimentary passes. I look forward to next year’s show.

Stay Tooned!



Ken Stuart had his well detailed Deuce roadster on display in the A/C building 4. Ken always has a very nice hot rod in his stable of cars. Gabe had the car in his booth showing off his upholstery talents.


The Petersen had the Ray Brown roadster on display in the same building. What a piece of history this roadster has for all to read and enjoy.


Warren purchased this roadster years ago and built an over the top chassis before selling it to Bob who finished it and then sold it back to Warren— who again changed it to his taste. Bob-O used to own this car when he was a member of the famed LAR club. Lots of history goes with the roadster originally from Nor-Cal.


The tribute clone of Bob McGee”s famous roadster was on display and will be auctioned off at the Barrett-Jackson show in January. Some concessions were made but the car is really a well built example of this famous roadster now owned by Bruce Meyer.


You have seen this roadster on my blog several times and I was very happy to see it in person parked right across from Rich’s Deuce. Jim Lowrey’s Restorations in Tilton, NH built the car and had it on display. The car is ever bit as nice in person and is one of my favorite model 40’s.


Jim and Walt found some nice parking between the buildings. Shade was close by. The roadster did not overheat. Maybe I need a flathead rather than a SBC.


I saw several Speed 33’s at the show like this silver example across from Rich’s roadster.


Rich was parked in the shade and that is where we stayed for a long time. The color is a 57 Porsche color — Stonebrook


The crowds were large on Saturday and the vendors did well.


Here is an older build by Bill and it still looks fresh. You don’t see many DuVall windshields on today’s roadsters.


Parked right in front of me was this little jewel of a Deuce. The simple styling and perfect stance caught my eye.

New Products


The Bolinger Brothers had their Lincoln style plates on display in chrome or chrome and vented style.

IMG_4623 IMG_4625 IMG_4622

I loved these Kinmonts for the front and rear axles. These are new and were displayed in the Walden Speed Shop booth. No pricing but I would bet they will be comparable to JHRS units. $$$$

My favorite Coupes


Alan Button from the St. Louis area displayed his Dave Lane 3 window and I fell in love all over again. This is one fine Deuce coupe.


This Model-A coupe was very well built and sounded great with the flat motor and QC.


Cal’s well traveled 33 has been around for a long time in the So-Cal area.


The LA Coupes had a special display section this year. This is Gary McCormick’s from Peoria, IL.

My favorite Roadster


The Morris roadster, now owned by Bruce Meyer, has long been a favorite of mine. Lots of history for me as I watched it being built in the early 80’s. Some of the best craftsman available were involved in this build.

Resting at SO-CAL Open House —HOT!!!!!!


I got lucky and found a parking spot right in front of the building. I let it sit for 2  hours before heading home….no problems so far.


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