Monday’s Report

WOW! A Super Bowl to end all Super Bowls. I thought Arizona would take the prize, but no such luck. Having the Boss, Bruce, at halftime really was what I needed. I had been working on the roadster all day and maybe overdid it so when he sang “Glory Days” I felt much better. Now that football is over, I should have plenty of time to get some work done in the garage.

My latest task is putting the sheet metal on the roadster. Thirty-three Fords can be very difficult to get everything aligned correctly. I have it close, but I will need a professional to make it perfect. I can’t decide whether to have the grille chromed or paint it. Plating is almost prohibitive on these grilles so painting is looking better every day.

On a sad note, I received an email that Dee Wescott, a pioneer in the fiberglass body industry, passed away on January 29th after a long battle with a brain tumor. Dee made it possible for people to enjoy old Fords when a steel one wasn’t available. I have owned 5 of them and they were all of very high quality. My current roadster is a Wescott and I love it. We will miss Dee. I know he will be finishing his 33 without any more pain.

Stay Tooned!



This is how I started. I am much too old to be jacking up cars, but I never learn. Very stiff today.


Here is the passenger apron that fits pretty close. Some trimming around the shock mount fixed most problems.


Ugly without aprons. Boyd used to pinch the frame and pull the hood all the way down to the frame.


More work is required on the hood for a nice fit. The driver’s side is another story for another day.!



Lynn’s outside yard with perfect fitting hoods and aprons…fenders also…I can’t imagine.

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