Monday’s Report

The weatherman said the marine layer would be with us all weekend and he was correct. The less than perfect weather did not stop me from working on the roadster on Saturday. Joe came by in his 33 sedan and helped. He gave me some ideas for making the hood fit better. I am beginning to believe that SO-CAL spends a week aligning the from sheet metal on one of these cars. Joe found by moving up the radiator on one side the hood fit was improved. I also redid the rear hood hook so it would latch better. We measured Joe’s and found that mine was too high. Now, if I could just get Joe to come by once week I might get this thing done. The front brake lines were not easy for me, so it took a couple of times to get them good enough for now. Different planes and angles caused me some headaches. I would hate to be using stainless….Ouch!

Sunday was also overcast but I headed down to the NSRA inspection site at Da Rod Shop to see what was going on. I arrived early and there were about 15 cars in line for the inspection process. The process is free and is worth the effort. You may have some problems and not be aware of them. The coffee and donuts were great. I only had one.

I received the pictures of the 1932 3 window coupe garage find from Nothern California and will post them on Topper’s Tuesday or Saint Patrick’s Day. Is pizza Irish? Maybe they will serve Corn beef and cabbage pizza. This car is amazing and was bargain priced.

Looking for 80 degrees plus this week so the roadster work should progress if the back holds out.

Stay Tooned!



Ken was first in line with his beautiful 36 delivery built by Fred in Simi Valley. Sounds great and passed with flying colors.


Don had his new 39 four door sedan in line. Nice car with a patina paint job and a 302 Ford, MII, etc.


Sanitary 302 Ford installation in a 39 Ford. Note clean firewall. The 39 does not have all the bumps and holes of a 40.


The inspectors were checking out Joe’s 33. They don’t miss anything.


Bob was there and looking good. He has chosen to drive the roadster more and more. Summer is near.


Dick had his recently restored Mustang in attendance. He has been working on this car for the past couple of years. Very nice paint and interior colors.


Dick’s 40 coupe was waiting for the inspectors. Dick likes 40 coupes. Don’t we all.

Today’s Ride Dreaming


Don’t you wish you had Bruce Meyer’s garage full of Deuces. He drives his cars and is a super nice guy who loves the hobby. This is one of my favorites he owns. Ardun powered and sounds powerful.

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