Monday’s Recap on Tuesday

This was a stay at home weekend. I am still cleaning out the Sedan Delivery and sanding on the surface rust. I have determined that the car will need to be blasted to really clean the metal for primer. I have been assured by many people that it will not harm or warp the large metal panels, but I am still somewhat suspicious of the process. My DA sander is doing a good job but will not reach in all the cracks and corners in the big vault. The car is worth saving and it is something I have wanted since selling my last one. Roy Brizio built my last SD for Edelbrock and I see it once in a while when Vic drives it to the LARS. I am looking for a seat but constantly change my mind of what I want to use. The most common is a split back stock coupe or sedan seat. Glide makes a nice one, either buckets, split back on fold down center arm rest version. These run about $750 with the foam. I like the idea of buckets from a Lexus but they don’t look old. Decisions, decisions and more decisions.

Speed Week is well underway and you can follow the results of each day on the SCTA’s site. My friend, Tom, has his beautiful 34 on the salt but I don’t know what speed it has reached so far. I wish him the best.

I need to leave this morning (Tuesday) so I will be short and show you some photos.

Stay Tooned!



Here is my old 48 convert that Alan had sandblasted. The car was mint to start with and he still blasted the car. The results were perfect metal to start with.


Tom’s 34 roadster at B’ville this week. The car is owned by Mariani and Sons. This is a beautiful shot from SCTA.


Here is the rebuilt and never started 8BA motor in the delivery. I am tempted to leave it in there but I have had many of these and they don’t do it for me in the performance department.


My friend, Steve, had his 8BA built by Tardell $$$ and I am sure it will perform. He is installing this beauty in his new 40 coupe. We have a race to see who gets their car on the street first. Maybe he would like a stock motor!


Jane and I did slip out to the Rt 66 cruise Saturday and this was my favorite for the night. Old school chopped tudor sedan.


Rear view showing Chevy tail lights and stock tank. The car appears to be chopped about 3+ inches. Ford powered.


Here is Billy’s 36 tub. He stopped by the “Office” on Saturday. Nice ride. Carson Top, Maroon and white T&R interior, SBC, etc.


Nice interior and dash. Stock steering column and seating.


Spare tire removed enhancing the look of the rear bustle.

Today’s ride…Dreaming!


My old 40 coupe waiting for Bob to finish it. I should have kept this one….stay tooned.

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