Monday’s Recap

The wife was gone to the Bay Area for another wedding party for my daughter, so I had all weekend to do what I wanted. The garage doors can wait…too hot to paint. I went over to Industrial Metal Supply, which is a hot rodder’s dream store for metal surplus. I needed the rest of the tubing for my top and some other odds and ends. I spent about an hour in the store and since Frantic Freds is located a few blocks away, I stopped in to see him. As usual, Fred is always receptive to talking to you about cars or projects. He has a 4 door 49 Chevrolet fastback that is mint and he is installing a V8 and a Mustang II front suspension. I wish you could see the beautiful welding he does. Fred’s MIG welding looks like TIG welding.

Back home, I started to bend up the rest of the top bows for my roaster. I purchased a conduit bender and it works great. You can make a 90 degree bend with no kinks or distortion. I have over 40 hours in the top so far….I can see why they charge so much to make one.

Sunday was loaded with car shows and swap meets. I went to the Camarillo Car Show and it was great. Pomona was also going on, but I can’t do the walking anymore, so I let my friends tell me how there was nothing out there worth seeing. I save a lot of money that way.

In summing up the weekend, it was a good one.

On another note, I have located another 41 Ford sedan delivery that looks nice but needs a total redo. Have a look. This is number 19 I have located. Maybe I am just too fussy. This one looks nice and it runs. I should purchase it.

Thought for the day!

Remember the TV and the Internet only report or create bad news so go out in the garage and work on your cars and only watch the Speed Channel.

Stay Tooned!



1941 Ford sedan delivery, Sahara Tan, stock condition….Georgia car.


The all important rear door looks perfect.


Stock bucket seats with incorrect dash, easy fix. The dash should have a Deluxe instrument panel and be painted a solid color, briarwood brown.


Inside drivers side panel looks very nice with factory undercoating. Today we would use Dynamat.


41 rear door is different than a 40. This one looks great in the pictures, access hole is standard on 41 – 48 deliveries.


Frank sent me a picture of the famous “Mayflower Deuce” top that he and his wife constructed. Looks great to me. Frank has all the Deuces with history.


My first Deuce was a 32 5 window coupe, read my bio. I wish I could find another body. This looks like a glass one made to look old. Look at the drip rails.



NOS Halibrand V8 on ebay. What more could you want? Someone with some business sense should purchase Halibrand. Everyone who has owned it had trouble making it successful. Ted had his problems also. Maybe there is not enough demand. Winters is the way to go today. They know how to do it right.

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