Monday’s Recap

The big event has come and gone with a good time had by all. Each year I look forward to the LA Roadster Show and seeing all of the roadsters and people from all over the world. I had people stop by that were from Japan, Australia, England, and even Germany. They all had one thing in common…the love of old Ford roadsters. I had house guests that arrived on Wednesday and we spent the entire time cruising the Hot Rod Shops and looking at roadsters and Hot Rods. Now, it doesn’t get much better than LA for seeing the cars. The highlight of the tours was the SO-CAL open house on Friday afternoon and night. There were hundreds of cars and people in attendance. Thank you Pete and your gang for continuing to provide this must attend event.

The Roadster Show was off a little bit in attendance, especially in the swap meet area. I think the number of Roadsters were as great as ever on both days. Saturday is normally the biggest day, but Sunday isn’t very far behind. The Vendor space seemed to full also. Steel bodies from several manufacturers were present and created quite a lot of conversation. I only noticed one fiberglass vendor, Wescott, who brought a roadster to display. I talked to Carl and he said his father was sick and they only did one show this year. He is coming out with a chopped 5 window coupe later this year…maybe….read that the ECONOMY.

I shot many pictures, so this week will be filled with LA Roadster Show activities. One day will be bare metal cars that were in the vendor booths.

Happy Father’s Day again on Monday to all of you who ventured out to the happening.

Stay Tooned!

Lynn who is motivated to get the 33 done this year.


The waiting line at 8:00 am in the morning. It is fun because you can walk up and down the line and see lots of good stuff. People purchase items while they are waiting.


This very period correct hiboy was having fun waiting to get in the swap area. Note the solid wheel covers over the wire wheels. The prewar look is very popular in the swap meet area, but not in the show itself. The show allows only very nice painted and upholstered cars for the public to view. The specialty parking and swap area has a lot of the retro look in attendance.


Deuce 3 windows were plentiful this year. The prices seem to be over the top for marginal cars, but this IS the Roadster Show.
Later in the week I will show you the Brookville 3 window that Walden and Jim Jacobs put together that has the “Rolling Bones” look. WOW!


I had to shoot this. Hammered 36 with matching trailer. You see everything at the roadster show.


Jack was there with his new 3 window. His trunk was filled with grille shells for $1450 each.


My first delivery was a 34 so this one got my heart started. Very, Very, straight black car from Colorado. The car has the woody look inside the storage area, much like Poteet’s car.


I have shown this tudor many times before and I did not want to see it in the swap meet area, but someone had it for sale. I think Jim Wrench built this car as a full fendered beauty in the 70’s.



Preview of tomorrow’s post. SO-CAL Open House.

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