Monday’s Recap

I knew I had to leave early in order to get a good parking spot on the street in front of Johnny Carson Park. I always park my truck on the road so I can sit and watch the cars come in. My friends Bob and Don were all ready parked and watching the cars. I don’t know why, other than tradition, the Road Kings show always draws a big crowd. Sunday was no exception, $5 gas didn’t stop anyone from showing up. Beautiful weather, lots of cars, nice people and a pancake breakfast. Sounds good to me.

Here are some of the cars.

Stay Tooned!



Parked in front of my car was this beautiful 34 tudor resto rod from Georgia. Paint to kill for. Viper Red.


Very nice leather interior that looked like it had never been sat in.


Robin Egg blue 40 pickup from Santa Barbara. This truck is always a magnet for spectators.


Rear shot of the pickup showing stance and details. Very clean underneath. Perfect paint.


O.K., so I know it is stock, but this is a twin to the one I owned in the 70’s. I put a dropped axle, hot flathead, and drove it for several years. The fellow who purchased it from me still has it in his garage…..30 years and never moved it.


This is how they look from the rear. Stock with tire.


This is Dave’s hot rod 3 window from the rear. Primer is permanent.


HHR TV series Deuce. This car has SO-CAL frame, Brookville, bias tires, etc. The owner drives it everywhere. Nice!



Last years roadster show. Hiboy phaeton from Indiana or Ohio. I think many we be heading West this week. Have you watched the weather in the Midwest? Rain and more Rain. Come on down to the land of Sunshine and roadsters. est. 1000 plus this year.

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