Monday’s Recap

The weekend was full of activity for the Pew household. Saturday was the LA Wood meet in San Pedro and Sunday was the NSRA Appreciation Day held at California Car Cover near my house. I did not attend the Woody Meet, but my friends did and promised me some pictures to share with you. I did attend the NSRA event and it was really great, except it was very, very hot for this old man. I took about 200 pictures and came home to the pool and a nap. I am allowed to do that at my age. There were so many nice cars it was hard to select my favorite, but I finally decided on the Tom Otis inspired Deuce roadster and sedan. Tom was involved in the build of both cars, now owned by someone else. You simply must see these cars to appreciate the detail and craftsmanship in the building of these cars.

I also received a photo from my friend, Lou in Utah, of a 1939 Ford sedan delivery. This is a real rare bird. Thanks Lou.


1939 Ford sedan delivery…rare car


Rear shot showing bustle that was used from 35 39. I prefer the 40, but this looks good also.

Stay Tooned!


Here are some cars for you to view.


California Car Cover on Sunday. Several hundred cars to view. HOT, HOT, HOT!


My favorite two cars were the Tom Otis inspired roadster and sedan that he built. You must see these cars to appreciate the detail and craftsmanship in the construction of these beauties. I have always loved the roadster, but the sedan is my favorite now.


AMBR contender a few years back. He was competing against my Boyd built roadster that Jerry finished and put in competition.
Dennis Varni won with his Boyd finished 29.


I saw this sedan at the Petersen last year in primer. Now it really looks good. Brings back the early day look only with $$$$.


My high school buddy, Dave and his very photogenic 32 hiboy. Dave has a stable of nice cars.


This Dearborn Deuce came in while I was walking around and the 18 inch rear bias tires caught my eye. Nice car, QC and nice detail. Black, of course.


Steve’s Restoration of Portland built the raw shell of this car and I have been following the build on their website. I like it.



Super nice 1951 Merc custom in the show. I bet BoBo liked this one. Very chopped and perfect execution of style for the period.

More tomorrow.

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