Monday’s Recap

Perhaps the best weekend of the year for me. Friday morning I went to Bakersfield for the NSRA Nationals. What a wonderful day, not to hot, lots of cars and many old friends were in attendance. I stayed until 4:00 pm and then drove back to the big city dreaming all the way. I feel fortunate to be able to see so many great cars in one place.

After a long nap and good nights sleep, I am old you know, I headed to Pasadena on Saturday for the PRC Reliability Run with my friend Bob. We left early so we could get a good parking spot to see the roadsters. I had hoped that the Spencer car would be in attendance, and to my surprise, Bruce came driving in about 8:00 am. The crowd immediately formed around the car, much as they must have back in the late 40’s. This is my all time favorite. I have many but this is the one. My friend John in Canada has loved this car long before it became famous.

Enough BS lets look at some cars.

Stay Tooned!



The first car I saw when I entered the front gate. A super nice, just finished 1946 Ford convertible. A little hi-tech for me but the car had the look. Fit and finish were first class.


Glide seat with quality upholstery. I sat in the car and it was very comfortable.


I know it is a smoothie, but this Rats Glass 33 roadster was a high quality expensive car that caught my eye. The SO-CAL windshield look great. It takes two of them to make one for a 33…Ouch!


I like sedan deliveries and this 1936 Ford Coke A Cola special was very nicely done. Coke used sedan deliveries for their route trucks in LA.


I have a high regard for these beauties. A rare 1939 4 door convertible with a 1940 Deluxe front end. High detailed car from the Bay area.


Interior of 1939 showing woodgraining and upholstery. Perfect look.


Don’s 1940 Woody was looking good in a light shade of green. Air suspension is obvious. Looked like a fresh car. He had a 1946 last year and won and award.


My late friend, Ed, would have loved this track T from Santa Barbara. A Winters Quickchange was hanging in the rear.



Stay Tooned for tomorrow’s feature.

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