Monday’s Recap

Lots going on this weekend in LA and elsewhere in CA. The Woodies on the Wharf was well attended as was the Forty Ford Day. Jane and I ventured down to Anaheim to join our crew for a great day looking a Forties and other cars. Rich and Val hit Santa Cruz and had a great time and a long drive home to join us today. Summer events are happening every weekend and Jane and I plan to attend as many as we can. Traffic is our city is horrible to say the least on the weekends but Pepe didn’t overheat in heavy bumper to bumper traffic. I need to install another electric fan in front of the engine mounted belt driven fan. I am happy to report that Pepe ran perfectly after adding some injector cleaner to the gas tanks. We averaged about 65 mph going and 35 coming home. Purred like a kitten and no leaks were detected upon arriving home.

Our next trip will be to the beautiful Danish Town of Solvang. Roadster time for this trip. Enjoy your week.


Stay Tooned!


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Lots of 40’s and other cars at the Park.

Jane was all smiles after Pepe ran flawlessly going and coming.

Brian drove his super 3-window to the show and showed everyone how a Deuce coupe should look.

The was my favorite 40 truck at the show and there were many to choose from.

Tony’s coupe turned convertible won best convertible.

Walt and I looked this 46 Woodie over and gave it a thumbs up. Birds eye maple inserts were nice.

I have seen this stock 37 at a few meets and it’s always a site to see untouched.

The chopped 35 won the modified roadster award.

I counted 6 convertibles at the show. All were modified into Hot Rods.

This stocker was for sale and was at Wavecrest for sale last year.

A light CMG coupe was standing tall and has been around for a few years.

Deuces and Forties go together.

One of the nicest coupes at the show.

I was happy to receive my mug at registration when I paid my entry fee of $35.

Happy Hour at the Woodies on the Wharf in Santa Cruz! Thanks Karen Baur.

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