Monday’s Recap

The weekend flew by and I did very little except watch a lot of golf. Bubba is the man. Bob-O and I obtained all of the NSS items and hopefully we can install it this week. I no longer crawl under cars so Donnie will do the installation. I hope that problem is behind me now.

Steve stopped by to bring me up to date on the COL for Tom Medley at the NHRA Museum. The attendance included some good friends of Tom’s and they all had great stories to tell. Several people drove hot rods and Steve snapped some photos. It is wonderful that at 93, he is still remembered for his contributions to Petersen and the Hot Rod world during his long life. Gary, his son, thanked all for attending and remembering his father. Thanks Steve for the photos.

I think the next big event is the NSRA Western Nationals in Bakersfield which always draws lots of nice cars. I usually drive up and back in one day and see all the cars. I haven’t been in a few years but our group plans to go this year. The weather has been perfect and I hope it holds for the event. Bakersfield can be hot during this time of year or just perfect. For me, it is never too hot to look at cars.

Do something you enjoy this week.

Stay Tooned!



Bruce drove Tom’s 40 to the Celebration of Life and parked it in front of the entrance.

Jake drove his tribute to Petersen tub to the event and Tom would have loved it.

Pete drove his patina sedan and parked with the hot rods in attendance. He has done a lot of work to this solid sedan over the past few years.

Rick also drove his Deuce sedan to the Fairplex and it has a true “I want to race” attitude about it. I love both of these sedans.

Randy, who did the restoration on Tom’s coupe drove his fresh Mor-Door Deuce and it is simply beautiful in shiny black paint.

Steve also stopped by the Early Ford store and found this gem in the parking lot. Bill has found another oldie.

How about an Olds with a Lasalle transmission and lots of patina paint? Rumor has it the car was stored for many years and just recently went up for sale. Nice find Bill.

The interior suggest sometimes in the late 50′ or early 60’s. What a trip back in time.

This chopped sedan looks good with the whitewall tires and white interior. The Mercury wheels are nice for a change. Roy likes these wheels for his cars.

Gene sent these photos via Facebook and I don’t know whose owns the collection but the staging is perfect. All black Deuces are hard to beat.

Here are more of the same collection. These look to be all restored examples of Henry’s Iconic Deuce. Nice.

Yes, I like this style of hot rod. You can have lots of fun and wash her with a hose. We have a new one of these coupes in town.

Today’s Truck!

I am beginning to like the Deuce truck more and more. I plan to do a Friday’s Truck post soon. Send me your Trucks… 32-40.

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