Monday’s Recap

The hot weather is still with us but the weather at the beach was delightful. Walt, Jim and I headed up the coast in the woodies to enjoy a super day among 100 woodies and a magnificent Pacific ocean view. Santa Barbara City College sits high up on a grassy bluff overlooking the Pacific blue water, sandy beaches and multi-colored sailboats. The venue is one of my favorite. We arrived around 9:00 am and there were lots of cars already in place. There is plenty of room so you can park, set up your pop-ups and relax. We parked in the middle this year and it was perfect with an ocean breeze blowing the entire time. The day went by fast and we were soon headed home to the heat of the city. We did manage to make one stop for a cold McCafe milk shake and re-torque Jim’s new wheels lug nuts. He lost one lug nut on the way up to the event. I can’t remember when I last checked my lug nuts but I will do so from now on.

Thanks to the Santa Barbara Woodie Club for hosting the event and making sure we were all taken care of in Santa Barbara style. A very special thanks to Walt and Lorraine for the use of Curvy. She had a great time and looked fabulous with her new black coat shined to perfection.

Stay Tooned!


Registration was handled smoothly and I love their logo. Woodies at the beach is the right name for this event.

We had two pop up canopies and they worked well to protect us from the warm California sun.

From the rear is where you want to view the woodies. Having the tailgates up or down means the goodies are easy accessible should you get hungry or thirsty. Please note that you should not run into these gates as they can hurt your body.

Here is a well equipped woody rear tailgate. No alcoholic beverages are allowed on the campus. I don’t think that was the case when I went to college. Times are changing.

Jim has been remodeling his 34 Woody and now he is ready for the summer and fall events.

This 40 woody had a wood grained dash and modern gauges. The car was very nice and had all the modern amenities you could want in a woody. The ash tray’s opened to reveal A/C vents.

Most woody owners don’t open their hood unless they have something for you to look at. This one had GM Ramjet SBC with the early Corvette look.

I walked by this 37 several times and the owner didn’t move. I think he forgot the “No Alcohol” rule. He looked comfortable under his umbrella.

A long time favorite of mine is this 40 woody and tear drop trailer combination. The trailer is fully functional and is used.

The trip home went smoothly with all cars working properly and PCH was looking good on the way home. This is what it is all about in my mind.

Today’s Convertible!

Alan came over for the day in his convertible. This was Ruby number 2 a few years ago. Nice ride on a beautiful day. The ladies are comparing notes on the rag top.

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