Monday’s Recap

I did not attend any car shows this weekend and my wife is real proud of me. I stayed home and worked (not really) around the house. It seems the drains by the pool have clogged so it was a full two day job to fix them. Restrictions prevent a full flow of water much like the pluming in our body. Restrictions also cause some major problems in our hot rods. My friend George is on a two week cruise to Colorado and drove his Deuce coupe to the top of Pikes Peak, elevation 14,000 feet. The air is thin and the gas does not flow freely to the engine. I am happy to report that all but one of the cars in the caravan made it to the top and back without a problem. George promises pictures when he returns from the trip. Someday maybe Jane and I can go.

Yesterday, I made the shock brackets for the sedan and should finish them today. They came out real nice and were easy to fabricate. I have everything ready to put the quick change rear end together for a trail fit prior to welding on the brackets and housing ends. I weld the brackets first and then the housing ends. I use and alignment bar and carrier bushing to ensure perfect alignment of the axle in the housing.

Today promises to be the hottest day of the month so I better head to the office for some brew…no donut.

Stay Tooned!



Here is the concept for Don’s new sedan. This was the car that Pinkee had in the GNRS a couple of years ago. Wild one.


The car is finished an debuted at the Goodguys in Columbus. You can see details on Pinkees web site.


Plain Ohio style hiboy. Red and correct stance.


Subtle RPU with suicide front axle. Note hood treatment and wheels. Nice.


Lou’s original crate motor. Corvette 327/375 hp ready for the 40.

Today’s ride…dreaming.


My favorite from Columbus. A 34 with a 37 grille, black on black and slick bias tires. Note Artillery wheels.


I would have kept the gas tank but this looks good. Winters QC, A spring, 37 tail lights and bias tires. Cool!

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