Monday’s Recap

The weekend was a good one in LA. I spent Saturday helping the fellow who purchased my 48 convertible load all of the parts in his truck. Have you ever noticed how many parts there are to a fully disassembled car? Three of us filled a flatbed stake with fenders, bumpers, windows and all the small parts that make up a car. He will be back for the frames and body this week. I was sad to see it go but my wife will enjoy the free space. She worked all day Sunday cleaning the garage for me in anticipation of me keeping a clean garage. Good luck.

Sunday was my first experience at attending the Calabassas Cruise-In. Calabassas is a high end city toward Los Angeles and filled with movie studio types, expensive homes and cars. The last Sunday of each month the parking lot fills with Ferrari’s, Cobra’s, Porsche’s, Lambo’s and just about every exotic car you can name plus one or two hot rods. Jane and I headed out early to see what the big deal was all about. I wanted to show her how the people without stimulus packages live.

We were not disappointed. Well over 300 cars were in attendance and spectators filled the large parking lot. The event lasted until about 10:00 am. The Ferrari Club was headed to Santa Barbara for a lunch trip that I am sure would have been wonderful. Our lunch bunch take their roadsters to Santa Barbara for lunch but somehow I don’t think they eat at the Four Season’s next to Oprah’s house (mansion). They do have just as much fun. Bruce Myer drove his number one Cobra to the meet. This is a beautiful car. Bruce drives his cars even though they are worth millions of dollars. He truly is a nice person and loves cars of all types. On the other hand, some people had their cars brought to the meet on roll backs for everyone to see. That is nice.

On a sad note in my mind, the departure of GM’s chief and the government intervention is probably the end of GM as we all know it. While it may save my pension to some extent, I am against the government running any private business. Free enterprise means just that.

Lets look at some cars of the weekend.

Stay Tooned!



Bruce’s number 1 Cobra. Probably worth $2M plus. Super nice car and he drove it from Beverly Hills to the event.


Here is a nice front shot. Bruce was over looking at Bob’s 40 coupe. He is a true enthusiast.


Very clean engine compartment.


My friend Chip had his concourse 57 Vette for everyone to view. This is one of the best and always “Best of Show”.


A new 599 Ferrari was parked under the tree for shade. Awesome!


Right at home among the stars was Faith’s “Deuce of Spades” roadster with no windshield.


She was promoting her new movie “Deuce of Spades”. Certainly the lady has a marketing niche about her. I wish her all the success as she has really worked on this full feature movie.


Another Ferrari with a rear engine V12. I don’t know anything about these cars but I sure love the workmanship.


Here is the engine compartment. You can stare at this one for hours and not see all the details.


If you don’t want to put miles on the beauty you have it towed to the event.

Dreaming Today’s Ride


I hate old cars full fendered Deuce. Thanks Steve.

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