Monday’s Recap

The GNRS has come and gone and it was a great show in my mind. Lots of cars and lots of people who I had not seen in a while. The show was held in 9 plus buildings and we walked everyone of them. Most buildings contained something I liked so it was worth the effort. I am usually not interested in the winner, but this years winner was the “Willett Special” and over the top Deuce with lots of fine craftsmanship. Deuces continue to dominate the winners circle and there never seems to be a lack of people who are willing to chase the trophy. Next year they will limit the contenders to 12 cars to control the entrants.

Here are some photos of the cars I liked.

Stay Tooned!



2009 Winner AMBR The Willett Special. A very nicely detailed Deuce that most of us picked to win. I actually like this car.


Brizio built 32 phaeton that was spectacular. Mostly stock components with Tardell flathead and Sid’s interior.


Moal built for Poteet a very over the top 5 window. Gorgeous British racing green and Moal’s exceptional craftsmanship.


Miller grille was unique and fit the theme of the car. Interior was green also and done by Sewell.


Another Brizio built 5 window that had a blown Ardun equipped motor. This little jewel featured a Auburn dash and panel with period correct gauges.


In Boyd’s booth was Jamie’s 33 roadster that made Boyd famous. Boyd loved this car and redid it in black.


I like this top and it fit perfect. I am not sure who did it but the top and the unusual color of this Hiboy caught my eye. Nice job.


This little 41 pickup was another favorite of mine. I don’t fit in these cars but they sure look good.


My friend Bob’s old coupe recently redone by SO-CAL as a clone of the California Kid was a big hit with the crowd.


Brizio built 5 window for JJ. He also has a full fendered coupe they call “Champagne”. The new coupe was a real deep cooper color and looked fantastic under the lights. Five windows are real popular as they don’t make them out of steel…yet!


Roy’s entry into the AMBR field. I watched this car go together over the past few years. The car has traditional styling with a Ferrari engine and a quickchange rear axle. I believe the color is Regency red as were many of his cars on display.

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