Monday’s Recap

Beautiful weekend weather, lots of cars and people at Wavecrest and the Outriders Picnic. Jane and I were not able to go to Wavecrest, but did make it down to Orange County to the well attended picnic. I would guess there were around a 1000 cars and more people. This is an invitational only laid back picnic, much like the Early Times Picnic in Compton. I get invited by a long time member Walt. He always is working real hard so we don’t get to spend much time with him. Jane and I never miss going to this event with or without a Hot Rod to drive.

This years event seemed to be very well attended. I presume because it was perfect weather in Orange County. This is a family affair so their is lots to do for everyone including the kids. The event provides free refreshments and a fabulous tri-tip lunch that melts in your mouth. I always see some long time friends that I only see at the Roadster Show and here. I was able to take quite a few pictures so have a look.

Stay Tooned!


Outriders Picnic 2008


This is a shot of the beautiful venue for the Outriders Picnic. Lots of grass and shade.


Fresh from the Wavecrest meet was this beautiful 1948 Ford Sportsman. This fellow has a 1946 Ford Woody to match. The car is pure Street Rod with a MII, SBC, nine inch rear and beautiful woodwork. More about this car on Friday.


Rear shot showing the high quality of this woody. These are very rare cars.


One of my favorite cars, a Fat Jack built 39 4 door convertible with detail only Fat Jack can provide. Jane loves this car and wanted to take it home. I was only short about $175K. Maybe next year.


Rear profile showing stance and orange steel wheels, a FJ trademark.


Another Deuce sedan Hiboy with a Hemi. Hemi’s are becoming the new SBC.


The line is long for the lunch but worth the wait. The best tri-trip sandwich you can buy.


Old style 5 window coupe with the look. SBC, 3 pedals, and worn out red and white tuck and roll upholstery. WOW! The chop was perfect.


Rear view of above car. I looked at this one for a long time as my first Deuce was a clapped out 5 window. I had dreams of it looking like this. My rich friend in High School had a bronze color show stopper that he left in my garage as it caught fire from leaking plastic fuel lines. Remember those.


Reed Lillard was a super machinist that lived near Boyd and did a lot of work for the top builders in the LA area. He unfortunately died at an early age. He loved 34 Fords and put together this beauty that was on the cover of Street Rodder. The car is very understated, but very well built. The car is Regency Red with a P&J chassis detailed to the max. I looked underneath the car and it still looks fresh. Reed started a 33 delivery after this car but never finished it.


Rear view of Reeds 34. Stock height looks right for the 80’s resto-rod look. It used to have Zentih wire wheels which were the rage in the 70’s and early 80’s.



Very nice fresh 32 Highboy with a lot of good stuff. More on Friday.

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