Monday’s Recap

My number one daughter is now married and a great time was had by all in attendance. Pasadena is a beautiful city with lots of history and landmarks to see. The bride and groom are now enjoying Mexico for a relaxing time. Now, I can start to work on the roadster and maybe accomplish something in the next few months.

I have received some nice pictures from Deuce Day this past weekend as well as some other pictures that I will share with you this week.

I know many of you are attending Bonneville and the Goodguys Hot Rod Week in P-Town so see you next week. I will be leaving Thursday for P-Town. Lots of pictures, please. No 20 inch billet wheels allowed unless Divco repros.

Stay Tooned!



Last year’s P-Town where the Brizio roadsters are out in mass. One fellow built both of these. One steel, one glass. Go figure!


My high school friend, Dave drives his cars. Here is his 1934, former Neal East car, after his trip to Seattle. Way to go Dave.


I still love 46-48 Woody’s, but maybe this is a hard way to start.


Nice neighbor to have. JJ photo of and old school project. I love these photos.


Local 40 who was talking about chopping the top on JJ, but was convinced to leave it alone. Thank God! Never touch a 40 coupe.



Eastwood’s run with another favorite of mine. This car has mechanical brakes and a “hot” Flathead.

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