Monday’s Recap

Sorry about the lack of posting last week, but the “honey-do” list is quite long and the time is short. I have been following the Louisville Nationals on Jalopy Journal and it seems like Louisville was normal….HOT and full of cars and people. Sounds like my kind of place. I went to the first 30 years of the Nationals, but due to high job demands, quit going for the last several years. Perhaps I will go next year and enjoy the cars and people.

Our next big event is the Goodguys in Pleasanton which is always a great venue and provides the wife a chance to see our children who live in the Bay Area. We usually go for the week and go on the tours, but this year we have the wedding so only the weekend events will be viewed. This show has always been one of my favorites as the town is a beautiful place and I can see as many cars and vendors as I want to without waking for miles and miles.

Well, thats it for today. Back to work on the house and occasionally the roadster.

Stay Tooned,

Get out in the garage and do something creative this week.


Perfect profile for a Deuce Tudor Hiboy. Someday, in my garage.


I still like the old stuff the best. I know all about the advantages of IFS, but they are not for me.


Now this is a nice Red 40 delivery that sits great. Don Small had a nice one for a while. The white walls look good.


I wonder if Lynn in San Diego still has this one for sale. Doesn’t look bad.


Here is anohter 41 in San Diego that got away.


This is my neighbors garage, (condo for cars), they even have their own flat screen and exercise room.


Terry garage from the street. Someday mine will look like this. The roadster will be added in the fourth garage soon.


Getting ready to upholstery the seat soon and I like this style from Gabe.



Well executed 34 Hiboy at this year’s GNRS. Nice paint and detail. Car was in contention, but this style will never win as they look like a Hot Rod should. Very few cars that win the big one ever look like a Hot Rod.

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