Monday’s Recap

Southern California was perfect this weekend. The weather was nice and the Sun was shinning all day long. The garage doors and the roadster top were my priorities, but not necessarily in that order. The top came out very nice and I even figured out how to make the front wooden header. Now I will take it to the upholstery shop to see if they agree with the design and construction. I sure hope so as I have 50 plus hours in top.

The Early Ford V8 club held their National Meet in Detroit and my friend, John from Canada, sent me some pictures. One very nice delivery reminds me of the one I had when I lived in Detroit. I drove it every day to work even in the Winter. It was my second car and my only means of transportation in those days. I can’t believe it started with the 6 volt system, but it did most of the time. The car still exists and is located in Northern California.

Time to ship some of my ebay sales, so I will sign off until tomorrow.

Stay Tooned!



1934 Ford Sedan Delivery at Dearborn. Beautiful car with an excellent restoration of a rare car. Mine was black and I drove it to work every day. I traded it for a 1956 Nomad. I worked for GM you know.


Side profile of one of my favorite cars I have owned over the last 50 years. The car is alive and well in Northern California.


A very straight 32 roadster with apple green wheels. This is sure a beautiful ride. I could make it better if it were in my garage.


1934 Ford Cabriolet also very rare. John is building one in his garage along with many other projects and rare parts.


Super nice top on this 1939 Ford rag. Tops are hard to get this tight.


My top completed on the drivers side. It is hard to duplicate the exact same curve with a conduit bender.


My wife captured the moment..happy builder.


Front view of the roadster with the Duvall windshield.



Bob’s perfect Duvall windshield and top. He has a Moal built car with the same top and it is perfect also.

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