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I know most of you have watched several of the old Speed channel series of various Hot Rod shops around the country. And now that they are defunct, the Velocity channel has picked up some new episodes of Overhauling and Chasing Classic Cars plus several more. Our local contribution will be a series featuring Da Rod Shop which is located here in Simi Valley, CA. I have been stopping by over the past few weeks to see a Deuce 3 window being built and was amazed at all the TV camera’s and personnel involved in making a show. I have purposely stayed away as they are really busy but today they invited several cars to show up for a mini car show and finished up the series. Don and I drove over after coffee and ended up staying until noon. I watched the overhead camera and ground hugging video photographers doing their thing while we staged our cars. I can’t wait to see the finished video. While the filming was going on, I looked at a lot of nice cars in attendance. Da Rod Shop works primarily on late model hot rods but I have used them for some of my cars in the past and they are very qualified to handle most tasks.

After lunch, I came home and finished working on the rear axle assembly. I have been removing the various brackets and making it like new again. I just need to keep busy and who knows I may actually find something to put it under. I was thinking about replacing the 9 inch with this smooth back version but I would really like to have the same type of center section that Curvy had. I believe it was a Currie Aluminum housing that Walt installed but I’m not sure. I search Craigslist adds all the time and you would be surprised what people purchase and later decide to sell. I now have both the wagon rear end and a Winters V8 quickchange on the bench waiting for something to arrive in the garage. Somethings never change.

My friend George is building a very special Deuce delivery and is about ready to marry the body to the chassis. Gary sent in some photos showing the beautiful work George has done so far. The Deuce delivery is about as cute as you can build and are not seen very often due to their low volume and high cost of converting a tudor sedan. I am sure this one will be a stunning example of Henry’s rare Deuce delivery.

Have a good week and start your Christmas shopping early. I have sent my list to Santa … have you?

Stay Tooned!


Terry is working away on this “Old School” roadster for the AMBR show this January. Lots of chrome like they used to do in my youth. I love the look.

George’s Washington Blue body is polished to perfection and ready to marry the chassis. Jim and George did all the finish body work including the installation of the McRae rear door kit.

Here is the detail of the rear door lock and indent that George made a die for. He then stamped the recess to install the lock. This is the correct look for the lock mechanism and latch which he also made. Yes, he has lots of Deuces in his garage.

George has worked smart by building a table so he can work without bending over. Now that’s what I need.

He is a close up of all the work that has gone into building this chassis. All parts were fabricated by George in his well equipped shop. He is using a V8 Winters Quickchange.

From the HAMB – How about this for a Deuce stash. George may be able to top this but I don’t think so.

WOW, what a find of Deuce parts. Is that a 33 grille in the background? Doors are both Phaeton and Roadster.

Why do the reproduction bodies and frames have the large gap between the body and gas tank? I would have to fix that if I were building one. Some are worst than this one. Lobeck added a panel to some of his builds.

I think this has been chopped slightly (2″) and I love the look. Does it look chopped to you? Fenders work for me on this one.

I found this 34 on the HAMB and it sure has the look I like. I can’t decide if I like the 34 or 33 grille better.

The crowd loved watching the filming of the show. Is sure takes lots of people and equipment to complete the shoot.

While there were lots of nice cars in attendance this 49 Mercury was my favorite. Billy said it is headed to France to a new owner.

LA’s Winter Wonderland for Roadsters!

Dennis shot this photo to show people we do have snow in the mountains in LA. Great photo Dennis! He owns and built the 27 T bringing up the rear.

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