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I receive lots of mail from my readers asking questions and sending me photos of their projects. I really enjoy seeing what is going on around the globe and try to feature their Hot Rods on Pewsplace. Today’s blog will take you all over the place with some really nice Hot Rods being driven and under construction. I am really thrilled to see our hobby is still alive and well all over the world. A young man’s passion with the Hot Rod is something that stays with him for his entire life. He/she may not own a true Hot Rod but still can enjoy looking and reading about them.

I have been a Hot Rod fanatic since my grade school days when I used to see a black primered 5-window Deuce coupe pass by my house almost everyday. I always wondered where he lived and my dad told me it was just an old jalopy. He came home one night from work and asked me if I wanted to go look at that old car that always drove by. You can imagine how excited I was to finally get a close up look at a real Hot Rod. It turned out the young man lived in the next town over and my father saw it and stopped to inquire about the car. We jumped in the car and headed to see the Jalopy. The man also had a Deuce sedan, which my father purchased, and we built it into a “Jalopy” —as he called it. I learned to drive on the country roads when I was under the legal age, but always with my father. He eventually sold the sedan for $80 and and purchased a 1950 Ford Woody which he drove the wheels off. The wood deteriorated in the Illinois winters and we didn’t have a garage. I never forgot that car either and to this day feel that my father started my love for the Hot Rod and Woodies. He continued to bring home all sorts of projects and we worked on them together. When college time came there wasn’t any doubt in my mind of what I wanted to be — an engineer working for General Motors. That goal was achieved and I spent forty years doing what I love. Thank you Dad!

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My friend John, in Canada, sent along his winter venture out in the snow. He is in the Cabriolet and looks like it is really cold. John and I go back to the 60’s when I lived in Detroit. Mike’s T was selected by Hot Rod as one of the Top Traditional cars for 2015.


Work on Doug’s sedan continued over the holidays and is nearing completion. The interior is being installed as is the wiring which is the final stages of the build.


The installation of the Auburn style panels is almost complete as is the headliner.


The white firewall is a nice contrast to the maroon engine.


The sedan is really sitting nice and will make a very nice ride for the coming summer months.


Gary, with the assistance of Bob and Tim, completed his fine looking 40 coupe with lots of personal touches you don’t see everyday.


Inspiration for the plaid interior came form looking at some examples in other cars. Lots of detail in this interior.


The engine is looking good but will be updated with “big box” Corvette fuel injection later on.


The unit has been restored and is ready to be installed. I always liked the looks of the Corvette 63-65 units.


He finished off the trunk with some leather luggage correct for the period. Fashionable in foreign sports cars.


Bob, who is a prolific 1940 Ford builder, also put together a “Patina” coupe that he is putting up for sale.


A fresh 327-350hp powers the coupe and sits between an original painted firewall and two NOS front fenders.


The interior is new and the stock 40 heater is retained and works. See the For Sale section for details.


This 34 hiboy roadster has been given an update to make it more with today’s trends. Sometimes it is better to buy one and make it yours with a few changes.


Mike has owned this 34 phaeton for 25 years and it takes him everywhere. The all metal phaeton has some subtle modifications like a chopped top and a painted grille shell which make it a classic.

Ebay Cars 2015 082

Sid built this Deuce Woody a few years ago and it was an instant hit with the Woody guys and gals.


My good friend, Gary, traded his Deuce phaeton for this Cam Grant built hi-boy and drove it for a spell during the Bay Area Roadster club outings. I am not sure what happened to the car but I always liked the look.

From France


image002 image010

Stephane from France just took possession of his Hudson 112 which he is proud of and rightly so.


He sent along a photo of the Iconic Deuce roadster in France. Thanks for the photos.




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