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NHRA Races, Woody Shows, Detroit Autorama and Goodguys Scottsdale were all happening this past weekend. The season is in full swing as is our weather in LA. Temperatures in the 80’s forced many of us to go for a ride in our hot rods and enjoy the weekend. We visited the beautiful Dana Point area with some of our old neighbors and cruised the PCH up to Newport for a quick lunch. The Pacific attracts car enthusiasts of all kinds when the weather is nice. Roadsters (convertibles) are common and going topless is very popular on the PCH. We only saw a couple of Deuce roadsters and both were red. The cars always draw a crowd when parked in the restaurant parking lots. Finally, we headed home which turned out to be a very long trip (4 hours) due to the heavy traffic on the I-5 north. Sometimes the journey is well worth the effort as memories last a life time. Sitting home watching TV does very little for me anymore when I know I can be cruising the delivery to some beautiful venues in Southern California.

I did finally discover the problem with the thumping noise in Pepe. I had suspected a tire problem and after reinspecting the wheel I discovered the balance weights had come off. I took the tire and had it balanced hoping that was the culprit causing the noise. Prior to reinstalling the tire, I noticed a small oil leak coming out of the backing plate so I decided to pull the drum and axle to check all the components. I soon discovered the main problem that was causing the noise – a bad axle bearing. I called around and I could not find a parts store or machine shop that removed and installed new bearings. Since I have never had a problem with rear axle bearings I decided to search YouTube for some answers. The process looked simply enough except for the fact that I don’t have a press to remove/install the bearing and retainer. I turned to the HAMB and found a thread that showed how to remove the bearing. It was easy and I did not knick the axle shaft as many machine shops do. I also did some research on bearings and learned that you can install a new bearing with an oil ring for maximum protection against leaking. They cost twice as much but maybe worth it. I will have the bearings pressed on by Ron at R&D Machine as I know he does excellent work. I should have it back together next week. I don’t think you could do that on the road by yourself but in you garage it is simple.

Thanks for those of you who responded to my post concerning “Changing Horses”. It seems several of you have tried that and liked the building process but still prefer driving the old Hot Rod. I am with you on that experience…newer cars just don’t feel right.

Bob-o and I are headed to OC this week so you never know what we will stumble into.

Stay Tooned!


Across 48th Street!

John had one like this in High School and loved it. I wanted one but settled for a 53 Chevrolet which was cheaper and my dad didn’t like new Fords.

Forty Ford lover Jim, built this 56 to satisfy his thirst for the later model hot rods. I love the 56 and this color.

Since I love convertibles, this 55 maybe would satisfy my appetite for a later model ride. Lets see…AME chassis, LS6/4l80e …wait this is stock.

Detroit Autorama 2014!

JF Kustoms, JF Launier, built this 1964 Riviera “Rivision” and won the 2014 Ridler Award. Congratulations on your win.

Thom Taylor sent me this photo of Don Smith’s 4 door Deuce at this years Detroit Autorama. (One of the Great 8.) Note the center post has been removed. Lots of reinforcement required to do this modification. I wonder what keeps the door from rattling? Don has built several Deuces since I have known him. He had Boyd built him a Woody station wagon which Walt later owned and I drove for a few weeks.

Here is another view with the doors closed. Remember this is the year of the Deuce 4-doors. Good Luck Don! If Barry were alive I would swear he built it as he loved those colors. Dale, are you looking at this one?

Not in the Great eight but more my style in the basement is this nice 34 hiboy coupe. Lets find ” New Roads Together” as Chevrolet sez! There are lots of Chevrolets in early Fords.

Facebook Rides!

I could see myself in this one or at least riding in Dave’s when he finishes his. Chopped 2 1/2 inches with a perfect stance, bones and 5 spokes makes the car an instant winner to me. Note the placement of the front bones. Perfect!

Here is another one without a chop? Where are all of these sedans coming from? Keep them coming.

I have no idea who built this roadster but I sure like ti. Note the grille/hood, headlights, trunk hinges and door handles. Very nice and different… more information, please.

JHRS produces some serious parts that I like. I know they are little too billet looking for most old timers but they are a work of art IMHO. The aluminum axle is from Super Bell. Terry’s son has installed all of the above on his killer Deuce tudor.

This Weeks Rides!

I know I am straying away from my norm but I think this photo and car are absolutely stunning. PCH had several of these cruising this weekend. Tom W, you need to finish yours you have owned since new.

One of the nicest 29’s on Deuce rails and built recently is this beauty with a Hallock style windshield and basic black. The windshield and hubcaps are by Sellers

For Sunday’s only, this Corvette should be in Chip’s garage to match his perfect show 57. Can’t you just see yourself dragging this one at Pomona? I can.

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